whats in your collection?

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Some LVs, Fendis, MJacobs, Guccis, IFiore, YSL, B-Bags, Be & Ds, Burberry, Coaches, Ferragamo, Tods, Choos, and Rafe. As you can see, I'm not loyal to any one brand. Would like to add a Chanel bag, but haven't found one "that's me"...maybe a Chanel Cambon?
1 Hermes Birkin
1 Classic Jumbo Caviar Black-Chanel
1 Reissue 228 Metallic Black-Chanel
1 Chanel Silver-Black Python Tote
1 Jimmy Choo Watersnake Ross
1 Jimmy Choo Pony hair Leopard Bag
1 LV Ostrich Speedy 30 Rouge Vif (sp Order)
1 LV Steamer L'Extrodinere Drk brown with Black Croc
1 LV Griet LE Exotic
1 Black Suhali L'Fabuleux
1 Silver Metallic LV lockit MM
1 LV Stephen Embossed drk grey w/ patent trim
1 LV Stephen Sprouse Polly monogram w/ leopard LE
1 LV Mitzi Black Embossed LE
1 LV Pegasse 60
1LV Keepaall 50
1 LV Makeup Case- Nice
1 LV Luco tote
1 LV Dentelle Wallet
plus lots of accessories!!!
Only 4 LV bags and several accessories, but I dearly love:love: each one. They include:

Vernis Alma MM in Pomme
Monogram Canvas Beverly GM
Epi Bowling Montaigne PM in Ivorie
Vernis Summit Drive in Amarante
Monogram Checkbook holder
Monogram French Purse
Vernis Cles in Pearl
Monaco Square Scarf in Black
I have only a small collection:

Damier NF MM
Damier Speedy 25
Montorgueil GM
Mono Petit Bucket w/small pouch
Mono T&B Complice Wallet
Mono 6-Key Holder
Mono Cles
Mono Small Agenda
Mono Mini Accessories Pouch
Mono Zippy Coin Wallet
Kate Spade Maira Kalman Messenger Bag
Gucci Abbey in white w/ matching french wallet
Gucci Boston in brown w/ matching french wallet
Burberry Lola
Christian Dior Limited to Hawaii Mini Boston

Wish I had more LV though!
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