what's in your collection?

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  1. I know that there was a thread like this awhile ago, but I thought that with all the new season bags being purchased, it was time for an update of our current bbag collections.

    I'll start since mine is small:

    05 bubblegum pink hobo/day
    06 ink work (on its way)
  2. 05 teal first
    06 origan city
    06 ink day/hobo
  3. My Current B.bag collection:

    05 Calcaire City
    06 Greige City
    06 Lilac Compagnon
    05 Calcaire Mini Purse ( on my way)
    04 Seafom Mini Purse ( on my way)

    My " old collection"

    05 turquoise first
    05 Caramel Twiggy
    05 Grey first
  4. Have:
    02 black first
    04 black city
    04 turquoise first
    04 eggplant first
    05 apple green hobo
    05 ice blue first
    06 ink city

    04 pistachio first
    04 pistachio clutch
    04 rose twiggy
    04 lilac city
    04 anis twiggy
  5. 05 Black City
    06 Pale Rose Day
    05 Apple Green Classique
    06 Origan Twiggy
  6. My current collection:
    04 rose city
    04 turquoise city
    05 caramel city
    05 bordeaux city
    05 chocolate day
    06 black shopping tote
    06 ink city
    06 rouille purse
    06 rouille courier
    06 emerald work
    06 blueberry work

    and I still don't feel complete. I would still like a rouille work, its my favorite color, a lilac first (unless the spring colors are announced soon), a camel work and blue india city from the fall collection.
  7. Origan City

    Just one for now, but I'm looking to change that over time.
  8. i only have one...an emerald courier...i'm not even sure what year. i think it is an '06. i'm dying for a compagnon though!
  9. 04 Pumpkin city
    05 Black city
    05 Caramel first
    05 Bordeaux day
    05 Pewter city
    05 Calcaire twiggy
    05 Grey day
    06 White work

    Will soon be adding....06 rouge vif city:yes:
  10. Hey shopdrop99 what does the pumpkin city look like? Any pics?
  11. Here's a couple pics shoegal...
    pumpkincity6.jpg pumpkincity8.jpg
  12. OMG!!! LOVE IT!!! I'd never seen that color before. Okay I am adding that bag to my list along with the ever elusive eggplant city.:love:
  13. Wow I love the pumpkin colour too! Argh another one I want as well lol!
  14. I've seriously downsized my collection lately, so now I'm down to 2 and can totally enjoy the Bbags I love most, and get the most use out of. My:
    05' black city and my magenta first. Ahhhhh I feel soooooo freeeee now.
  15. OMG I love the Pumpkin City!! :heart: That is number one on my want list! Since my b-day is on Halloween, I think that color would be a good one for me to have.

    Anyway, my first b-bag will be here by wednesday...its a blueberry city