What's in your COACH bag?

  1. I carried two today (seperate times)!

    First was my vintage carryall in cognac (aka the love of my life) and then my 04 ski hobo (aka the dream winter bag I finally got!).

    In it, almost everything is coach- Wallet, Planner, Makeup case, beret and pill case. Also there's my keys, sour jolly ranchers (which you can find in every single one of my bags) and cell phone :smile:
  2. i pulled the carly out today, but packed extra light...
    --legacy wristlet
    --legacy striped cosmetic case
    --sidekick 3
    --cell phone

    i was too lazy to change accessories, so this is all the stuff i had in my ali yesterday.
  3. I did not carry a Coach bag today. Instead, I carried a Vera Bradley Betsy in Classic black:

    Dooney double-zipped checkbook wallet
    Coach soft glass case for sunglasses
    Vera Bradley skinny case for glasses (new item for Vera Bradley)
    Vera Bradley change purse for bc pills and pads
    Coach agenda
    digital camera
    pack of tissue
    Mac listick and lipgloss
    Coach keyfob with car keys on it
    Coach keyfob with classroom keys on it
  4. Red Leather Hamptons Tote

    Soho Checkbook Wallet
    Legacy Whiskey wristlet with extra store cards and such
    Clinique makeup bag
    Dooney & Bourke wristlet I use as a camera case
    Signature coin purse with my store cards and change in it
    Cell phone
    Various lip glosses
    My mace :lol:
  5. It has been rainy/snowy so I am using my Dooney AWL tote.
  6. I carried my Signature Gallery Tote in black.
    Inside I had the following:
    Black Madison Lurex wristlet as my makeup case
    Soho Signature French purse
    cell phone
    small photo album
  7. Since I've put myself on a "two week rotation"...I'll be carry this for the next two weeks:

    Blue Patent Tote with Moon charm
    Gold lurex picture frame key fob and silver trigger snap key fob
    Coach Khaki/gold medium beauty case (stuffed with lipglosses and...girly supplies)
    Coach beaded mini skinny in khaki/tan suede (holds all my gift cards leftover from Christmas)
    Coach gallery nylon double pocket zip around wallet in black (just got this from TJMaxx on Sunday for $80 - love it!)
    cell phone (with Coach bee lanyard, natch.)
    sephora compact mirror
    MAC blot powder (never leave home w/o it)
    3 more lip glosses (i'm a lip gloss wh*re - new love is Maybelline Shine Seduction glosses - and I HATE maybelline products...but love these!)
    chap stick

    hmmm...think that's all...no wristlet since I switched to the big wallet
  8. I carried my Coach Ergo Hobo No. 9227.

    Legacy French Purse Wallet in whiskey
    Body Shop Lipgloss

    that's it for me. I am switching to my new Legacy Ali Bag in Whiskey
    tomorrow and will probably carry it for two weeks.
  9. I usually carry my bag until I get tired of it, Once I like a bag I hate to not use it...

    Hmmm, maybe I just need more bags to rotate....yeah that must be it.
  10. :drool: that bag gets me every time!!

    I carried my yellow optic tote with my clover charm with a bunch of stuff in it. :biggrin: let me think.

    medium purseket
    LV cles/keys
    LV agenda
    Coach sunglasses
    assorted makeup
    tax & bank papers

    this isn't today, but it does show how huge the bag is!
  11. Whiskey shoulder bag with:
    Coach wallet
    Keys, sunglasses
    Cell phone
    Vitamins (forgot to take)
    Front pocket has shout wipes, bandaids, and little packs of advil..etc
  12. Signature stripe small tote in khaki/crimson
    Matching accordian wallet
    Keys with the C-O-A-C-H pave' keyring (that's missing quite a few stones now)
    Cell phone/headset
    A bunch of paper
    About 3 tubes of MAC lipglass (you never know......)
  13. Chocolate shoulder tote
    Coach checkbook wallet
    minny skinny
    cell phone
    a bunch of other useless crap
  14. Black mini signature hobo flap:
    -matching mini skinny
    -Chanel compact
    -Mac dreamy lipglass
    -pink razor phone
    -car keys
  15. It's been snowy/icy here, so I've been using my Hamptons Weekend Lg Hobo
    LV checkbook
    Coach wallet
    2 Coach mini skinnies
    receipt for a free movie rental LOL!
    & a business hair from my hair stylist
    That's it for me..plain & simple