What's in your COACH bag?

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  1. As you can see, I don't even try to match. LOL
  2. ^I love that Poppy wristlet! How big is it? Is it the size of a normal wristlet or is it huge like the Bonnie wristlets?

    Sorry about your capacity-my cat likes to chew on my bags. I have to remember to always put them away. She bit into the leather on my new Legacy bag a week after I got it.
  3. It's pretty big. I think it's the same as the Bonnies.

    I know I can fit my IPOD w/ cover, two headphones, a splitter, charger, and the wires to connect it to the TV/computer (the big wires with the three prong plug in thingie and USB). Plus you can use it as a wristlet or connect the strap to the other side and have a little handbag.
  4. johnnie!!
    u fit your laptop in that bonnie?!!!
    can u post some pics of it on the inside of the bag??
    wow.. this is amazing!
    what size laptop is that??
  5. Normally not a gray/silver fan but this bag is stunning... Congrat's

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. My bag, that BH loves... w/ red & blue stripe down the front :0

    Look Ma, Less Bling, More Zing!

    Attached Files:

  7. [​IMG]




    -vera bradley wristlet (used as a makeup bag)
    - hairbrush
    - purell
    - orbit gum
    - mints
    - gold coach keychain
    - coach soho siganture french purse
    - pink razr cellphone
    - clean & clear oil absorbing sheets
    - tissues
    - covergirl powder
    - sephora round-a-pout, seaphora lipgloss, victorias secret lipgloss, mac lipstick, chapstick, sephora lipstick, bare escentuals buxom lips

  8. thank ya! I'm still carrying it...I can't put her down :smile:
  9. Is this the reg sized Sabrina ?
  10. nope, it's large. small sabrina is way too tiny for all my stuff
  11. Ok thanks... it doesnt look big at all, must be because of the color.
  12. I am carring to bags today due to Monday overflow so here goes


    IN HER-
    Legacy Strip Raisin Wallet
    Coach Small Gold Agenda
    Tattoo Fob

    ON HER

    Flower Scarf with Legacy Strip Trim and Metal Coach Button
    Coach Letter "B"

    My Canvas (Navy) and Leather (White), great ebay shop Tote 7770 -

    On her

    Opt Art Ponytail in Pink, Blue, Beigh, & White
  13. I am loving the slouch on this bag! Anyone know the name and style #? I think it is MFF, right?
  14. [​IMG]

    inside my bag (today):
    international arrivals pouch that is my "bag liner/organizer" it makes switching bags so easy!
    - inside that pouch:
    raybans, pen case, coach heart coin purse (my first ever coach item, it was a gift), madison small wallet, madison wristlet (ipod case), & ipod touch
  15. ^Cute! I have ever seen one of those heart coin purses before...now I kinda want one. I bet they are impossible to find.
    And the more I see a black Sabrina the more I want one of those too.
    And tell me more about this international travelers pouch...