What's in your Chloe?

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  1. I stole this thread from another forum :smile: Looked fun!
    Apparently you are meant to be able to tell alot about someone from what they carry in your bag, so here goes....

    My Mobile, Pink Nokia
    My Mulberry Emmy Wallet
    My Radley Pen Case
    My Barbara Wiggins Note Book
    My Weight Watcher Calculator (for counting points)
    My ipod
    My Pen Drive


    How about you laides?
  2. Medium black paddy: wallet, dayplanner, eye glasses, sun glasses, makeup bag, cell phone, smokes, lighter, breath mints, keys, business cards, sometimes boyfriend's wallet, and checkbook (I tease him we are going to get him a man purse):cutesy:
  3. When I first seen the title I had a flash of the capital one commercial..lol...
    I wish I was savvy enough to post pics for some reason it doesn't always work. In my side pocket paddy I have:
    long paddy wallet
    Lv mini wallet(for bus. cards)
    large coach organizer
    treo 700p
    Gucci glasses(in the case)
    moschino makeup case
    kleenex pack
    car keys
    and various papers and childrens trinkets lingering at the bottom:rolleyes:
  4. In my medium Muscade Paddy (like yours Cat) I have:

    Purse (wallet to you Americans, only men carry wallets here)
    small make up bag
    small make up bag containing OTC meds and lip moisturisers
    business cards in silver case
    Chanel sunglasses in a big hard case
    Sat Nav
    small can hairspray
    Dior Addict Perfume
    In Side Pockets:
    Marlboro Lights/lighter (yeah yeah, I know)
    Werthers Originals sweets and Apple Aqua Drops - to suck whilst smoking fags ('fags' are not the same thing they are to you Americans)
    Keys with USB pen attached
    iPod Nano
    Bluetooth headset
    2 mobiles (Cells to you Americans). 1 for work, 1 for personal (so work can't tell when I'm gassing for hours to my chums, when I should be in a hospital selling their products. Even though we have no stock and can't say when we will have so, sorry Doctor, you'll have to cancel your lists and shut down the Intensive Care Unit for a while. But don't worry, cos I'll be back in 2 - 3 months with loads of stock then)

    p.s. I love America :yahoo:
  5. In my medium Mousse paddy I have:

    LV multicolour wallet
    Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses(in the case)
    my LG cellphone
    Ipod Mini

    and old reciepts and tickets I don't have time to go through:rolleyes:

    I know it's a big bag for only 4 things, but i love it:P
  6. ^^^^ Blimey! I thought I was doing really well with rationalising what I carry day to day. I only carry half of what I used to :wtf:
  7. In my medium red Paddington: Paul Smith wallet (I'm a Brit and call it a wallet) Video iPod Sony Ericsson W850i mobile Tom Ford sunglasses Laura Mercier lipgloss Icebreaker sours from the US Oyster card
  8. [​IMG] Digital camera, Cole Haan wallet, makeup bag, keys, cell, BodyGlide (to prevent blisters from ouchy shoes!)... oh, and it's a jade Edith.
  9. Tissue as its lying slumped in its box!!! having a sleep!

    Sorry but I just cannot put down my bals at the moment. I think I may never use my paddy again!
  10. :wtf: Wash out your mouth immediately! :wtf:
  11. I know the lace I should, just can't help it. Paddy no more for me I don't think!
  12. This is fun! Thanks for starting this thread! I'll post pics later on!
  13. oh wow, i love it when everybody posts up their pics! i haven't figured out how to do that yet (plus i'm too lazy to pull out my dig camera!) but i love these photos... bags so gorgeous!
  14. Everything but the kitchen sink! Seriously, I have so much crap in there I would not know where to start in order to list it all!:P
  15. OMG Cat_UK I love your bag, if you ever think of parting with it please PM me!!!!! (drools and dies.....)