What's in Your Chloe Bag?

  1. Thanks, It is a really cool bag because I get to wear it messenger style!
    Purple gloves were a bday gift!
  2. shivadiva's edith looks like a perfect match with your wallet! :graucho:
  3. Here's my little baby paddy. Look at all that she holds!

    Wallet, hairbrush, hair clip, USB, lip balm, dental floss, iphone, iphone earphones and PC USB adapter, lotion, my car keys, Victoria Secret lip palette, 3 lip glosses and liquid eye liner!

    Can you believe all that fits into a baby paddy?!

  4. wow- cannot believe that all fits ! i love that color- what is it, another pale gold?
  5. yes its amazing how much fits into a baby. i was shocked myself :wtf:

    i WISH i had one in that stunning pale gold color. mine is Argent but i love her just as much.
  6. ^ that's amazing, rxgirlie! all these baby paddy pics are awesome! :tup:

    i want to see how mica fits an agenda in along with everything as well! :nuts:
  7. I love the Elvire hobo, but your edith wallet is just stunning mona_danya!

    It's just a small agenda! :p I'll take photos tomorrow to share :yes: I need to find my baby paddy - like most of my other Chloes, it's been stuffed at the back of the wardrobe somewhere during one of my clean ups :nuts:- and never pulled out again as I'm using my sashia 90% of the time. I love that bag :heart:
  8. ^ yay! thanks mica! can't wait to see it! :nuts: you could take pics of your saskia too! hehe!
  9. I will - any excuse to play with that gorgeous bag :p

    I'm off to bed now, will post pics in the morning. :heart:
  10. g`night mica- looking forward to some more pics!
  11. ^^Thanks pilatesworks! I'm just embarrassed I made such a fuss over that :blush:!!!
  12. Holy Cow! I'm FOR SURE...needing a baby paddy. They're so cute :heart: and yet can hold enough :tup:! I think that will be my next bag...after my ban is broken :shame:...Thanks for showing Viv.
  13. hey, no way you need to be embarassed - it`s just us TPF-ers, and that is what we are here for!
    It is really important to bounce ideas and feeling around here, because now I am sure you love your bag and it is no big deal, right?
    If you had not talked about it, you would always be wondering if you made the right decision to keep her!
  14. Awwww...thanks. I truly :heart::heart::heart: the support (and enabling!) we can depend on here in tPF! SO true...the fussing helps us get over the barrier before we can accept the flaws I suppose :shame:
  15. No way...you didn't embarrass me. I embarrass myself on a regular basis :p! Funny, I love my rich moka, but I've been "needing" a lighter brown (cognac or tan perhaps?) for Spring! And yes...:shame: I'm starting to feel something...for Balenciaga :heart:....lol