What's in Your Chloe Bag?

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Wow, I didn't know the Bal makeup clutch was quite so big! Looks like the same length as a baby paddy in that pic - almost as big as your regular paddy!
  3. jonah, that little purple kisslock is too cute! :nuts: what do you keep in it?
  4. thanks, dragonette :tender:
    at the moment it keeps my ipod nano
  5. jonah - do you mind me asking what color is your paddy? she looks like a shimmery champagne color in the picture. i can't stop staring at her... she's breathtaking!
  6. thanks, rx7 :heart:
    chloé calls this color pale gold :yahoo:
  7. i've seen pictures of the pale gold but none like how the color shows in your picture. does she look like that in natural light as well? i know some colors are very different from light to light. but i can't say enough how beautiful the color is in that picture.
  8. ^^^ ITA ! That color is out of this world beautiful!!! :faint:
    A photo outside would be much appreciated- I have never seen that shade before, and I am in LOVE with it! Oh no, a new HG for me!:sad:
  9. ^^
    yes, pale gold looks quite different depending on the light...it's not easy to describe the real color.

    i will take pictures in natural light for you :wlae: but it's raining cats and dogs over here at the moment and i will be on a short trip over the weekend :yes: .... so please bear with me
  10. oh, thanks! i would love to see more pics of that beauty! :yes:
  11. Thank you thank you thank you!! I'm really eager to see how she looks in natural light.
  12. ^^
    yup! that's why i like it!:pimagine the stuff i could smuggle...:graucho:(i'll have to learn to do origami with leather first...)
    jonah, the colour of your paddy is amazing!
    would love to see pics of waht can you fit on a baby paddy
  13. Your wishes are orders, Puka...
    Here's what i could fit in my baby paddy as soon as i got it in Nov 07 (my first Chloe):yahoo:... I have since discarded the tan wallet and driving license's holder and the phone died:push:, but it gives you an idea of what you can stuff in a baby... once you get in as much as i did, it is a bit tricky to remove items from the bag unless you use both hands:sweatdrop:...
    P1010006compin.JPG P1010008compstuff.JPG
  14. Ohhhh...I want a baby paddy so bad. Looks like she can hold a good amount too :yes:!
  15. ITA with the rest...that colour Paddy is TDF :drool:!