What's in Your Chloe Bag?

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  1. I thought the same, love it.
    Aww look at Ethel all smooshy and gorgeously puddly

  2. Here's a close up of the fob. I just bought it at the Longchamp boutique in Caesars in Las Vegas on a recent business trip...it was so cute that it had to come home with me.

    And I just adore squishtastic Ethel! :smile:
  3. That is by far the cutest longchamp I have ever seen!
  4. Ahhhh...Rock Paraty. Love. This. Bag.

    Hayden Harnett pouch (purse hook, ear buds, compact mirror)
    Ipsy pouch (tampons, hand cream, sanitizer, eye drops, hair ties, Advil, etc.)
    Notebook and pen/stylus
    Gum and lip balm
    Tiffany eyeglasses
    Ray-Ban sunglasses
    Burberry wallet
    MbMJ key pouch with keys
  5. Dang, what an intriguing colour... and I thought for several months that with my Medium Paraty in Speculoos I had aced the HG bag. But the one above has me rethinking now.

    Does Rock suit both cool and warm type clothes? (I'm a mixed autumn and winter type, but pure beige or pure grey wash me out.)

  6. I wear my Rock bag with everything - it's probably my favorite Chloe neutral. It's a true taupe - warm colors pull the brown tones and cool colors pull the gray tones.

    I've never seen Speculoos...tell me more!
  7. "Speculoos" is the alternative (Dutch) colour description for Muscade (French), which you may be familiar with as "Nutmeg" :smile: Not as dark as Chocolate, warmer and a shade lighter than Bark, it is a very rich medium brown which seems to deepen in artificial light, and almost radiates in sunlight. I have a preloved one in sturdy calfskin, rather smooth instead of pebbled, and adore it... I'm on the go now, but will post pics with its contents in the weekend.
  8. Summer's here so I updated the contents of my bag. This mini paraty holds quite a bit. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1406387884.674940.jpg
  9. Currently, there is nothing inside my Chloe Aurore... It's remained in it's box and I've never even carried it!

  10. @salaird1, that's a travesty!!!! Break that baby out!!!! And I wanna see pictures.
  11. <High Fives London411>

    I just bought my first bag too also a Betty and I love her too!
    Mine is a small one, is your Betty the bigger one? She's gorgeous!
  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1415988932.045461.jpg

    Inside my Chloe Medium Marcie...

    1) MbMJ domo arigato bag that I use like a purse organizer. Has all sorts of odds and ends (headphones, phone cords, extra phone battery, tampons, receipts, hair ties, extra contact lens, etc.) Holds so much and I love it!

    2) LeSportsac makeup bag

    3) LV mini pochette that I use to keep cash and change in right now.

    4) Tory Burch card holder

    5) Celine Audrey sunglasses with case

    6) keys with Coach tassel key fob
  13. In my mini marcie: Small wallet, iphone, oil blotting sheets, chapstick, tinted lip balm, sunscreen stick, and sunglasses. It fits quite a bit for such a small bag!
  14. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1421729444.682340.jpg
    Chloe Mini Drew Bag
    1. iPhone 6
    2. Small pack of Kleenex
    3. Small leather pouch with my first name initial(not really visible)driver's license, credit cards, a few dollars, gift cards etc. I also keep coins and small change in their too
    4. Soft sunglasses pouch for my Ray Ban Aviators
    5. Car key and house key on caribiner
    6. Dior Addict Lip Glow.

    I would normally carry a small sample bottle of lotion for my dry hands, forgot to bring it with me today but I also keep them in my car
  15. is here anyone who has the small crossbody marcie ?

    would like to know how much fits in it?

    saw a Video at YouTube where the Girl says she can fit her insolite Louis Vuitton wallet in it. hard to believe but that would be great,
    so to those who owns the small crossbody. does your wallet fit in it?

    thanks a lot !
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