What's in Your Chloe Bag?

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  1. Your bag is just Gorgeous, I love it. I'm going to have to save for a long time to get me one.
  2. thanks yellowbernie, i'm sure you will get it someday :graucho:
  3. :woohoo:
  4. Which Chloe is this? The color is amazing!
  5. Hi! I just took a few shots of the inside for folks to have a size referance. I threw in my sunglasses case and a lipstick.

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  6. Inside my medium marcie is my iphone, small cosmetics bag, large LV wallet, sunglasses, glasses, pen, notepad, gum, hair binder, mints and a couple of letters to mail.
  7. Thanks for those pics Libjames. I love that small Marcie crossbody.
  8. Here's what's in my medium Rock Paraty:

    RM patent brown wallet
    RM fuschia Cory pouch (rewards cards)
    Tokidoki medium pouch (advil, mirror, lip balm, eyeglass repair kit, sewing kit, etc.)
    Tiffany eyeglasses (peeking out from the bottom)
    MbMJ sunnies
    Tokidoki small pouch (keys and work badge)
    RM blue Kerry pouch (tech chargers, small notepad and pen, calculator)
    Not pictured - iPhone (it's my camera!) :biggrin:
  9. did you have any issues about the flap on this bag?
  10. Bumping this thread! :graucho:

    What's in my Medium Wood Paraty:


    1) Prada Continental Tricolor saffiano wallet (Nero + Peoria)
    2) Jimmy Choo "Tee Shield" sunnies
    3) Snakeskin print cosmetic bag from Bed Bath and Beyond (complete with makeup arsenal)
    4) Sunglass cleaning kit from Sunglass Hut
    5) Rebecca Minkoff "I :heart: Bags, Shoes and Boys" Cory Pouch (filled with business cards, mints, Tide To-Go pen, bobby pins)
    6) Clippy claw... ALWAYS need a clippy claw!
    7) Coach leather goldfish keychain and keys
    8) Blackberry Torch (not pictured)


  11. See by Chloe bags are my style
  12. Hi Chloe ladies, am not sure if am posting at the right thread but can someone please help me how to remove color transfer from jeans on my Chloe bag? I'm not sure what it is, (got it from HK DFS) but if am not mistaken, it's called Heloise.. Anyway, only the straps and bottom part and outlines are leather, the whole of the bag is made of canvass and it's beige so the stain is really visible! :sad:
  13. hi girls! need your help:
    well, I'm going to have 18 and i think that my parents are agree to buy a chloe marcie in medium.
    I don't know which color shall a choose : black or red ?
    i have many colored clothes, like bleu, green, pink trousers and tshrit, and i think that
    BUT, I'm so energic and have a red chloe is very original....:graucho:
    i don't know what to do... help me!!!

    P.S I'm french sorry for my mistakes
  14. Great handbags. What is the official colour of your small light-coloured Chanel camellia zip wallet?
  15. Here are some pics of what is in my Marcie Crossbody ... still not overloaded. :smile: Tried to put my iPad inside, but it is kind of too expanded and would bulge the bag.

    Prada continental zip wallet
    tiny pouch
    collapsible umbrella

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