What's in Your Chloe Bag?

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  2. Love your bag and it's contents! :biggrin: Great sig. pic BTW
  3. I've had 2 different types of Chloe Paddington bag in the past and although I agree that the leather is very soft, creamy, and durable, and the hardware accents just adds to the beauty of it, I always find it too heavy by itself. The handles, when its on my shoulder, always tends to fall or slip off b/c the strap together is pretty fat (also, b/c my frame and shoulder is not as big). The size is kind of awkward as well to put any type of magazines or notebooks. BUT I am liking the Paratay ones. It got my attention the first time I saw it was seen on Katie Holmes (this was before the bag was in store). I would get that Chloe bag instead.
  4. Sorry - but i have to ask - Why the massive font size????

  5. Sorry...Your not the first one to tell me that. I've seen the error of my ways. It will definitely be in check from now on. LOL.
  6. A netbook and more:

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  8. i miss my Edith sooooo much! i'm officially on hunt to have her back!!!!! :yes::yes::yes:
  9. As of today I officially own a Chloe bag [love you Betty]
    So far, the contents are: a wallet, keys, Chanel lipgloss and mascara, mobile phone, sunglasses and a book. Mind you, I have 2 children under 5 so it will take approx one outing to fill it with babywipes, wrappers of all kinds and Lego!
    If only Chloe made children's backpacks to match...
  10. after months of :search: hunting, I am pround owner of Edith again :lol:
    she will be here in 2 days!!!!! :yahoo:
  11. I keep finding myself complimenting your collections! :biggrin: I love the Gucci agenda and Burberry accessories! Do you have a thread for your entire bag collection?
  12. thank you hon:flowers::flowers:...no i dont have a thread with all my bags...i was going to do one, then i decided not ...you are too kind thank you so much..

  13. LVCHANELQUEEN I love that purse! :love:
    What make is it/where's it from?
    Thanks :biggrin:
  14. ok, i thought id share mine
    in my bag i have my wallet, keys handcream nail buffer , nail cream, bronzer, ear phones , usually my phone, gloves cause its freezing in aus atm! ,gum lip balms in the pink pouch i found bandaids, travel mascara, and about 4 more lip balms .. oops
    i usually pack pretty light :smile:
  15. love your paddy, great color