What's in your Chanel jumbo/large flap?

  1. I'm trying to get a feel for the size inside the bag. Can someone post pictures of what inside their classip flap, jumbo or large? Are they easy to get in and out of? good for an everyday purse?
  2. I haven't bought the bag yet, but I have for sure decided on the jumbo.

    I was at the boutique this past weekend and the medium/large flap is actually pretty small. It's great for evening (I thought) but no so much for every day. To give you an idea, to me it looked like all that would fit in the medium would be my smaller hairbrush, cell phone, lipstick, keys and maybe an iPod. You wouldn't want it to be bulging so it appeared that that would be about what would fit in comfortably.

    I hope this helps a bit.
  3. You're getting a lot more in your medium than what fits inside mine: wallet and checkbook, keys, lipstick in the middle lipstick holder and that's it. An Ipod shuffle would fit but my regular size one and/or hairbrush do not fit. (It's why I think there should be a size between medium and jumbo.)