What's in your CHANEL bag today? Include pics!

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  1. Friday work bag. Not in picture is my peanut butter sandwich. :biggrin:

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  2. Every day bag for the past week for work and travel. Old medium boy. Also fit my iPhone 7+. AE9A3B79-2BCD-4202-9B54-76BD01497522.jpeg D0786032-E864-4ED0-A968-D748C5AA9F60.jpeg 9C13C781-FAB4-4318-968C-F7143654A770.jpeg
  3. image.jpg image.jpg going out with the basics
  4. Hi,
    I am eyeing this bag!! It's beautiful. Do you love it? Can you show more pics of it? TIA!
  5. Beautiful! Which vintage bag is this? size? TIA!
  6. Carrying all this red yumminess :P in my boy...

  8. 20200402_155506.jpg 20200402_155521.jpg
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  9. Sorry for the super late reply! I must've missed the notification for your comment. :sad: I don't know if you still want my input, but if you're sure there's nothing putting pressure on the bag, then it's possible it's a structural problem with these two quilts, or a characteristic of the leather itself. I have a couple of strange linear indentations on my bag in a place that nothing ever touches or puts pressure on, so it must be something going on with the bag itself. I personally would not mind having your bag since the dents are in the back. And the leather on your mini looks GORGEOUS!
  10. Pic from a couple of weeks ago in my small Trendy CC Adjustments.JPG

    LV capucines compact wallet
    LV key pouch and 6 key holder
    Dior lipgloss
    LV travel perfume
    Dior card case
    Go Rental bag hook
  11. How do you like having a compact wallet, key pouch, key holder, and card case? I'm buying the prada key holder soon but I'm also itching for a larger wallet - but I also love card holders. Do you feel any of those are redundant? For reference, I own maybe 12 cards total and carry one ID and a few business/member cards.
  12. So I actually did a whole YouTube video on what fits/what I carry daily in my Chanel medium classic flap if anyone ever wanted to know how the size compares to other ones:
  13. What I’ve been using for grocery runs and errands lately. Love my Diana flap!