What's in your CHANEL bag today? Include pics!

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  1. Well, we are drug dealers of a different flavor :biggrin:That is hilarious though. And yes! Dior lippies are fabulous. Back when there were only 3 colors I had 1 each for the 3 bags I used the most, but now there are so many colors that I still haven’t gone through all of them!

    It’s a panoptic ophthalmoscope. Great for looking at optic nerves when you don’t have time to fiddle around with the basic model on the walls in the ED!
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  2. In my bag today:

  3. Quick snap during lunch!

    Attached Files:

  4. It's a minimalist kind of day with CHANEL. LV mc card holder, Dior lipstick, compact, and lotion (necessity with these dry winters) 20190225_160742~2.jpg
  5. Hey. I am new here, from Vienna/ Austria. )))
    Do you carry your ID Card with you in yohr bag??? You NEVER should do that, because if your bag gets stolen you can't do anything about it but if it gets stolen and you have your ID Card, first you have to tell your Chanel Store that your bag got stolen and they will let all the shops that sell used bags know that the bag with that specific number got stolen and is yours.
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  6. Beautiful! :smile: How do you like and use your Kirigami set mostly? I've been debating to purchase one for myself or not...
  7. Thank you! I use the set a lot, it's holding up great and the sizes work so well. I feel like the price was definitely worth it because I use them often! I've been waiting for them to release a more neutral colored leather set I saw in the forums here too.
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  8. My black medium flap moonlighting as a work bag today :P

  9. Thank you for your response! That's great to hear you use them often and they're holding up great. I think it is worth the price too if you use 3 of them often. I'm not sure how I would use for the largest one and still debating if should purchase or not.....I love Chanel SLG for their design, but LV's cannot beat for long term durability for sure :smile:
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  10. Chanel SLGs are beautiful, just beautiful... I use the LV ones more now because I feel less bad about being super rough with them and tossing them everywhere! I don't use the large one as much, but I have been putting makeup inside it lately to protect the inside of my Chanels a bit more—so it's slowly making its way into my daily rounds.
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  11. In my handbag today [emoji173]️[emoji173]️ IMG_6896.JPG
  12. love that Little ysl pouch. is it a keyholder? I Need that:heart:
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  13. Hi, thank you! Yes, it’s a key pouch and I love it so much! I purchased through the Neiman Marcus website. It’s still available. Go get I! [emoji3]
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  14. In my 18C Iridescent Mini today [emoji173]️[emoji173]️ IMG_6938.JPG