What's in your CHANEL bag today? Include pics!

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  1. My Gabriel today.
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  2. Sorry this is sooo late. I need to do better.

    If you can afford Chanel, I would get that first (if you like the style). The classic and reissue will be around forever. And they keep raising the prices.

    Then, I would recommend LV because they seem to appreciate and have price increases all of the time.

    Dior (I do not own one but if you like their styles, go for it) and Gucci, you wither like it or you don’t. I have not been a fan for a very long time but they are making a comeback.
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  3. I have been looking at the bag, it would be my first Chanel, do you love it? Please tell me all you can
  4. Love this thread cuz I was the little girl that always wanted to look in her mother's friends purses! My coco handle. Missing is the Iphone max and it's normally in the back section if I wasn't using to snap the pics! IMG_0614.JPG IMG_0615.JPG IMG_0616.JPG
  5. What's the little vanity case you have??! Is it an SLG?! so cute!
  6. It is a carry case for my j12. I use it for makeup. It is perfect for the Gabriel and my flap.
  7. Can't live without my WOC nowadays!
    What's inside:
    Top zip: liners, bandaid
    Inside: cards (in side slots), coin purse, lip balm, mini floss, hand sanitizer, eyeliner, tissues, phone, pad, car keys
    Front zip: bills
    woc interior1.jpg woc interior2.jpg woc exterior1.jpg
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  8. From the other night and not much could fit in a mini. I recently got this eclipse coin purse and it works wonderfully for my small bags!!!
    Coin purse, car key, work badge and Chanel lip balm
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    It’s not my bag , and it’s not today , but older pics I found on my iPad last week .

    280C6455-3638-4947-9032-52634F3BC925.jpeg 6075C024-38DD-4CA7-871C-9111E3E9917E.jpeg AF5FC501-0303-4A2D-81A3-7678C3843788.jpeg A61513AB-2E5C-4A41-815E-1181E1C7B5EC.jpeg
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  10. 5EDA5D35-9878-47ED-8598-1011FBB51660.jpeg BCA7B0EA-3959-40DC-B08D-02F5955708C9.jpeg Been using my patent reissue 227 as a work bag lately. Love how much it holds!
  11. Curious what is the name of the coin purse Bastia blue color? TIA
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  13. Yes! Our hospital is not the most communicationally savvy place
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  14. We used to joke that the only other people who use pagers are drug dealers, if they even do that anymore... ‍♀️ Twinsies on the Dior lippie, one of my faves and doesn’t need a mirror to apply. I must tell DH that I need a new work bag, I bet you look so chic with this!

  15. I thought the big laser sight looking thing in the middle was a gun at first! LOL