What's in your CHANEL bag today? Include pics!

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  1. Me too! What a fabulous piece!!!
  2. Guys I want to play too! Just got my first (and second) Chanel bag and the one I use most is this new camera case which I just love because it’s so roomy and practical.

    I’m fascinated with this thread because it seems like everyone is so neat with all sorts of tiny little leather pouches inside their tiny bag. Personally I find that I work way too much for this (I’m a surgeon) so I thought I’d show you all an alternative way of using these bags!

    Here’s my little camera case— that little pouch from lululemon (you get one if you return stuff for store credit and they give you this little case) that’s my wallet. I like that I can put it in the back pocket of my scrubs or in the pocket of my running tights. Stethoscope, ID, prescription pad, reading glasses (it will happen to you all someday maybe). Then a see through old pouch for all the other crap (pens, lipstick). And a giant wad of keys..

    412406B7-5E98-4F7D-B21C-55196777037B.jpeg I don’t have to place things in carefully.. there’s so much room and it is such an easy bag to get into!! Phone goes in the outside pocket..
    See how cute??
    I love this bag! Here it is the day it arrived in a gross hospital bathroom!
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  3. :love::love::love:Awesome pics! Totally LOVE :heart::heart::heart:your reissue camera bag & it looks perfect on you:graucho::coolio: & I am a Lululemon addict as well & also have 1 of their cute little pouches:flowers:
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  4. Looks great reissue camera bag! May I ask you if you don't mind which season and how much was your beautiful bag? Could you share style code? I would love to get one for myself Thank you! :smile:
  5. oo i like your wallet can you show the layout of it?
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    Got to leave the house quickly to run some errands without kids! I don't carry much in general. In my OM boy bag camel w/ RHW

    Chanel o-key holder/pouch beige w/matte ghw
    Chanel boy o-coin purse grey w/ aged ghw
    Key fob
    Chanel lip gloss
    Phone (pixel 2)

  7. woah!!!! it's amazing you managed to squeeze all these in!!!!!
  8. Your camellia pattern is so pretty!
  9. Thank you!!!! :smile: Its from 2013.
  10. Hand sanitizer wipes and hand cream above all else LOL! This is vintage jumbo.

    My lip gloss, Chapstick, and a few additional items are in the LV pouch. The pouch keeps the small things nice and centralized.
  11. totally off topic but DAMN GIRL THOSE LEGS!!!!! O_O
  12. Omg I love your Chanel. It’s so unique
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  14. Thank you! I’m using the card case in my bag now.
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  15. Do you have any recommendations for handbags. I’m just about ready to start my collection, but I’m not sure which handbags to buy. The brands I’m currently looking at are: Chanel, Dior, LV, and Gucci.
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