What's in your CHANEL bag today? Include pics!

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  1. That’s a lot of stuff!!!!
  2. Chanel East West Flap
    IMG_5067.jpg IMG_5068.jpg IMG_5069.jpg
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  3. Watermarked3(2018-09-04-2013).jpg Watermarked1(2018-09-04-2012).jpg Watermarked2(2018-09-04-2012).jpg

    Chanel Classic Quilted Maxi Double Flap Caviar can take a lotsa load.

    GoPro Fusion with case, mounted on GoPro Shorty Tripod.
    Pandora bracelet with personalized charms.
    EZ Link card.
    Phonesuit Apple devices powerbank.
    Gucci sunglasses with case.
    Citrine Mala.
    iPhone X with Apple Original Leather Case in Seasonal Fuchsia.
    GoPro Remo Bluetooth Voice Remote.
    Apple Watch 42MM 1st Batch Milanese Loop.
    Chanel CC Twofold Wallet in Gold.

    All nicely fitted inside while still have few extra bits for more .
  4. B
  5. Small business affinity 20180916_004954.jpg 20180916_005333.jpg
  6. Loving the O case especially in this color and chevron print! Hoping to add one of these into my collection in the future!
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  7. M/L Necessities with room to spare :happydance::happydance:
    990F28FB-EC9C-49F4-BE9A-5E54CD99BE3E.jpeg 9B47CD2B-E5DC-48A2-AFAD-C01696012895.jpeg B443229F-0273-4AC4-A2EF-C95D7BE245BD.jpeg
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  8. Your tiny chanel vanity case is everything! I've never seen one like it. Can i ask when and where you purchased it? Beautiful
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  9. Sunglasses, a makeup pouch, mirror, wallet and keys in my reissue 226.

    I love my wallet but looking to downsize it so if anyone has any recos for a wallet that would fit vertically would love to see them.

    Also I took the bag tag that I got from a Chanel store years ago and made it into a key fob I put my keys in the spot that is meant for a lipstick.

    IMG_2381.jpg IMG_2382.jpg IMG_2384.jpg
  10. IMG_7475.jpg

    The Deauville at play. Loading my travel tools :

    Chanel Classic O’Case Large Caviar Black Gold, passports inside.
    Chanel Reissue Long Wallet in Burgundy Gold.
    Citrine beads and Dzi Stones Mala.
    Kindle Oasis 1st Gen 6 Inch, with black Kindle Leather Case.
    Victoria Beckham Oversized sunglasses.
    Silk body scarf.
    Pandora “Always In My Heart” Edition Bangle, with personalized Pandora Charms.
    Apple iPhone XS Max Gold.
    Apple Watch 42MM Series 1 Milanese Loop.
    Stella McCartney Falabella iPhone Case Metallic Gold.
    Phonesuit charger for Apple devices.
    GoPro Fusion, with GoPro Fusion Case and GoPro 3Way Grip Arm Tripod.
    GoPro Remo Bluetooth Voice Remote.
  11. These wallets fit vertically :flowers:


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  12. IMG_1606.jpg IMG_1607.jpg IMG_1608.jpg IMG_1539954169.945415.jpg
    Medium/large Flap
    LV Mini pochette
    LV Round Coin purse
    Chanel card holder
    Clinic Lipstick
    LV Josphine Wallet insert card
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  14. Dear Lamminda, ya, I still have it. Only use it with M/L flap, blue mp goes striaght into the dustbag after use

    Thank you for the compliments
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