What's in your CHANEL bag today? Include pics!

  1. That wallet :loveeyes: may I ask what style is it?
  2. chanel camellia yen wallet:smile:
  3. Hi,sorry for my late reply,for some reasons I can't upload pictures in these days...
  4. I have already posted some pictures of my cosmetic bag in the thread:what's in your cosmetic bag?
    You can take a look here!
    I'm so sorry...but I'll try again during next says to post pictures,I have already taken them!
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    Ok no problem. Is it still in stores, do you happen to know?

    I see you already answered that for someone else.. so thank you for the pic, and reply :smile:
  6. Here in Italy I saw some months ago a similar One in a Chanel boutique,but it was in quilted lambskin,so pretty!
  7. Yours is very pretty. I had seen one on eBay but no authentication card so I wasn't sure what to look for. But, I'll bet that one is pretty also. I'll keep looking.
    Thanks again.
  8. Agree with cammy1 :smile:
  9. Post it in the autentication thread,they can help you!
  10. Next time I see one I will.. :smile: thanks
  11. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1375910270.970343.jpg

    LV purse
    Coin purse
    Lancôme powder
    Chanel lipstick
    And a smart phone to take the photo :smile:
  12. the quilts are so puffy... gorgeous!
  13. Thank you. Love it soooo much. :smile:
  14. My small classic double flap...


    -Mulberry heart shaped coin purse
    -alcohol gel
    -lip balm
    -facial blotting papers
    -credit card
    -small hand cream
    -iPhone (not pictured as I was taking the photos with it!)

  15. Your bag is gorgeous! I love seeing what's in my bag!