What's in your CHANEL bag today? Include pics!

  1. Me too!!
  2. Sry, just saw your message today, I got it from topanga Nordstrom. PM me if you need my SA :smile:
  3. Which bag is this? It seems like a good size for what I carry :smile:
  4. What's that small Juicy Couture?
  5. Inside my navy 12p 227 reissue
    ATTACH]2274156[/ATTACH] ImageUploadedByPurseForum1375044604.932628.jpg
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1375054956.986660.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1375055004.342564.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1375055146.828362.jpg

    Inside my 'new to me' Chanel Medallion tote GHW! I've minimized what I carry like CRAZY and I'm still trying to keep doing that. I want to get a card holder and use that instead of a full-on wallet since I don't like using cash.

    -Ray Ban Wayfarers
    -Michael Kors wallet
    -wet wipes, tissues, mirror, stain remover
    -makeup bag
    -'emergency bag' consisting of pills, sewing kit, band aids etc
    -deodorant, in case I forget to apply at home or I want to reapply
    -hand sanitizer

    That is all :smile:
  7. It's a lipstick :smile:
  8. Hi,

    I love this little cosmetic case. Could you please show what fits in it and the inside of it please ;)

    Thank you,
  9. So jealous of your medallion! I would've bought one asap had I know they'd discontinue it :sad:

    Gorgeous bag though :smile:
  10. great
    I lost my WOC yesterday, and now searching for some ideas to buy or WOC again or miniflap. Would you please tell me what are the measurement of your mini? and the price? I would love to buy one like this. Thank you
  11. Pretty insides
  12. That wallet :loveeyes: may I ask what style is it?
  13. chanel camellia yen wallet:smile:
  14. Hi,sorry for my late reply,for some reasons I can't upload pictures in these days...
  15. I have already posted some pictures of my cosmetic bag in the thread:what's in your cosmetic bag?
    You can take a look here!
    I'm so sorry...but I'll try again during next says to post pictures,I have already taken them!