What's in your CHANEL bag today? Include pics!

  1. In my patent lavender x-mini :
    - labello
    - lv cles with keys and cash
    - chanel miroir double facette
    - chewing gum
    - (taking pictures) samsung galaxy s3 mini
    1373195614156.jpg 1373195627016.jpg 1373195637344.jpg
  2. mark up by $1000?! nutty! Thanks for taking your time to take a pic of the tag!! ;););) Appreciate it. btw, nice nails. :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  3. Np!!!! Thanks ( about the nails!). Yea the clutch is marked at 2900! Crazy.
  4. Love this bag, what year did it come out? Did it come in black? Any info would be very appreciated, thanks! :biggrin:
  5. my goodies inside my boy :smile:
    photo.JPG 1.JPG
  6. Love the boy!! Is that medium size?
  7. Inside my black cf ImageUploadedByPurseForum1373474358.758985.jpg
  8. Yup, Medium
  9. I'm loving all these pics of how efficient everyone is in placing items in their bags!!
  10. ur boy is gorgeous! love love love ur pink wallet too!
  11. I like your lip gloss collection =)
  12. Very nice!
  13. I love your hello kitty iphone case! Its so cute!!!