What's in your CHANEL bag today? Include pics!

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  1. Hi!

    I love this thread on the LV sub forum and hope it's ok to start one here.
    If it does not belong here, mods please move and accept my apologies....
    I am a very curious girl, and love to see what peeps carry with them in their bags.:shame: Just like how when I visit someone's home for the first time, I always make a pit stop in the bathroom, and try to get a peak at whatever else I pass on the way too.:P
    It's a great reference too before purchasing....see what you can fit.
    Please join in!:yes:
    I'm using my baby cabas right now....here's what's inside her....:graucho: [​IMG]
  2. omg you really don't carry much. my non-chanel bag is protesting at me jamming it so full now.
  3. I thought this was a cute thread in the LV forum too. I took pics last night, but didn't have time to post. I promise I'll do it tonight when I get home. I hope others post their pics too!
  4. Hey Mick, can I ask you what kind of gum that is in the little tin, that is so cute??? Love the Chanel. Wendy
  5. it looks like Starbucks
  6. Wow, you have so many lipglosses in there!
  7. In my bag! It's waaay neater than usual.

  8. ^^ lovely! thanks for sharing too! very neat!
  9. oh good! can't wait!:wlae:
    and yes, it's starbucks gum in the tin.
  10. great thread guys, I will make my bf post pics when he gets back from work, I just have to convince him that I am not mad!
  11. That's what I thought lol! You gotta have a color for every mood!:P
  12. :shame: ...i have a lipstick/ lipgloss addiction too...:wlae:
    i think i forget when i buy them and just keep sticking them in there without realizing how many i actually have...hey, they're much cheaper than anything chanel....:nuts:
  13. Yeah, I am addicted to lipgloss too!
    My problem is that I keep buying Chanel Glossimers and Smith's Rosebud salve lol!
  14. Ok, I'm finally posting my pics. I have a small caviar bowling that I stuff to the max. That's why I'm looking for a Chanel Tote. :smile:

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  15. efrias1394, love whats in ur bag!