What’s in your bottle of perfume

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  1. Thank you for sharing...initially I closed this, but was asked to have it reopened. It is ever so slightly Hermes related.
  2. Thank You for posting this Duncan. I found it fascinating,if not a little unappetizing !

    Thanks for reopening this thread Kellybag. I wonder if Jean Claude Ellena uses any civet in his Hermes scents?
  3. I have one other thing to add...some perfumes have a benzene ring as part of their molecular make up and Benzene is carcinogenic....
  4. I hear it´s only a memory that civet etc. is used and they use artificials today instead. I hope.
  5. OMG I have Musc Ravageur in my collection as of Friday. From Frederic. I wish I didn't read this article.
  6. :wtf:
  7. Natural civet musk has been banned worldwide for more than a decade, perfume manufacturers use synthetic civet, and yes modern versions of old time classics have this ingredient changed. I used to work in such a company, on days the factory made synthetic civet, the whole estate stank like a junkyard!
  8. Benzene rings are in many different structures like toluene which is used in glue and as the alternative to benzene these days. Beneze by itself would be a carcinogen and it's very unlikely this is the case.
  9. I think toluene is also a carcinogen. HOWEVER, in order to have an issue, one myst be exposed to a large dose over a long time period. Not the case with perfume - or most other things, frankly. There is a law in Calif. that anything containing certain designated carcinogens must have a label saying so. The list is HUGE, benzene is definitely on it. I've never seen any Prop 65 notice on any perfumes or related products.
  10. Toluene has a small percentage of metabolites that are carcinogenic, but overall it's fairly safe...you'd have to sniff or drink quick a bit of have an effect (ah it has a great smell though)

    I agree. I was just stating I highly doubt any perfume would use these chemicals and I've never seen a prop 65 on any beauty products that are sold to the general masses.