What's in your BE? *PICS PLEASE*

  1. I'll do it in the next couple days!!! I already have, but what the heck??!!!
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    CB- I never noticed your post. That is one hot little key holder. I love the Vernis line of LV.:tup:
  3. Me too suzi! I just love my little key holder! The Vernis line seems almost edible - like some sort of juicy fruits!!
  4. Bored today and I am using my Petrol Hold Me for first time!

    Contents of bag:

    Bunch O crap :p
    P1070320.jpg P1070322.jpg P1070324.jpg

  5. Your bag is gorgeous... I am drooling over the pics...
  6. i love the petrol color. so stunning.
  7. ^^ Thanks ladies!
  8. Lovely, lovely Hold Me :drool: ........
  9. Had my camera on me today, so took some photos of what's in my IYT petrol:

    Coach bag (holding bits n pieces)
    Angel Purse cream (holding money and cards)
    Clear make up bag
    Aspinal pen case
    Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream
    House of colours pouch
    I normally carry a bottle of water too
    1 BE IYT inside with flash.JPG 1 BE IYT in your purse flash crop.jpg
  10. nice content.. :wtf:
  11. Here's my full size MMS Choco Crash fairly full:

    Lg. Coach Ziparound wallet
    Dior Sunnies/case
    Blackberry in case
    Keys (not in pic)
    Lg. Coach makeup bag
    Plastic bag w/ liquids (I fly a lot)
    Biz Card Case
    Pill box
    Bluetooth headset in case
    Newspaper section
    Coupons/print outs for things to buy
    New Nordstrom catalog
    MMS_Choco_Full.jpg MMS_Contents.jpg
  12. That's an incredible amount to get into a bag, Suzzeee! I have the MMS midi in wine on order and I wonder how much smaller it really is??? I am looking forward to getting a bag without a center divider!;)
  13. Here's mine.
    Inside WTM3.JPG
  14. KTScrlet, you crack me up!! Louis Vuitton and Hello Kitty are two brands I never thought I'd see in the same bag!
  15. Yep, I am an eclectic woman. I also have Hello Kitty in my agenda.;)