What's in your BE? *PICS PLEASE*

  1. LOL!!! I know!!! It's a very deep bag, that's why I think the WTM wouldn't suit me, as it's not quite deep enough!

    Oh, tell DH to look at Dixons for the ASUS, preferably duty free if he travels lot....or ebuyer is a good bet! :tup:
  2. Ooooh! Love this thread as a sticky!

    Come on BE ladies, show us the insides of your bags! It's good to share and also gives everybody new ideas! :drool: and :graucho:!
  3. YAY!! A sticky! come on gals show us your crumpled up tissues inside your gorgeous BE's!!!
  4. Okay, here's my first (and not my last for sure) BE - the SM Lg. in Black Crash. It holds a ton - here's what's in it today:

    Coach Ergo Lg. Makeup Bag
    Coach Lg. Zip Around Wallet - Holiday Patchwork
    Dior Sunglasses
    Coach Business Card Case
    Coach Cell Case w/ Pink Razr Phone
    Blackberry (use for email)
    VS mints
    Sunscreen in a ziploc (I fly a lot for work)

    Normally there'd be a book or at least one magazine in there too.
  5. That does hold a ton!! What a nice bag! I think I might need a large one......
  6. I decided to post my stuff since I received a lot of great accessories for my birthday this year. I needed them to stay organized. I cram alot of stuff into that midi because I travel alot for work.:yes:

    My Stuff
    Cole Haan wallet
    DKNY Sunglasses
    Chanel card case
    LV Wapity - I'll just take this and the card case when I go to a game or somewhere that i wouldn't want my purse.
    Coach Peace Sign Key Chain - all the crystals fell out
    Marc by Marc Jacobs makeup case
    Altoids -I'm an addict
    static spray - I need to put this away since it's really for winter. I don't know why but I really use this alot. I guess I'm electric:roflmfao:
    box cutter
    cell phone
    generic plastic pill box
    tide pen
  7. Nice accessories suzi! Like your wapity and your make-up case especially :yes:!
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    ^^^Thanks CB. I love that Wapity too. It's such a cute little shape. I want to get an Angel purse from the sale, but now I'm not sure what to do with it.lol Oh, by the way, I keep forgetting to tell you that I planted some cornflowers and will think of you every time I see them. They are one of my favorite flowers to grow by seed.:flowers:
  9. Suzzeee......I can see you're a big 'Coach' fan!! My nephew's from the States, and has a few of their accessories, and loves them! Wait....they do them for men right??!! LOL!!! :wtf:

    Ooh, looking forward to seeing your SM in tan, don't forget piccies please!!! ;)
  10. Awww! That's really sweet! :hugs:I just love them and their colour is sooo gorgeous!

    My handbag contents remain pretty much the same, apart from the addition of a £57 receipt for petrol and a receipt for groceries for £99! :wtf:

    However, :graucho:, I do have one teeny tiny replacement - I seem to have bought a new key holder, pics of which I attach! It's a little LV 4 key holder in Violette Vernis to replace my rather ancient black key fob.
    LV viovernis 002.jpg LV violvernis2 001.jpg LV violvernis2 002.jpg LV violvernis2 003.jpg

  11. Ooh, you got a key holder, very pretty, congrats!!! Liking the bush effect....very imaginative!!! Gives it a lovely country feel!!! ;)
  12. Thanks! Sara999 was totally right - purple and green look great together!
  13. Yep - Coach does a ton of great stuff for guys! I keep trying to get my DH a wallet from there, but he's so not into anything designer at all - he keeps buying those cheap wallets that fall apart. Now, if Coach would do a partnership with Harley Davidson, then he'd buy everything!!
  14. Oh dear....another Harley Davidson fan!!! LOL!!! DH loves them......but he's got a Kawasaki and used to ride his like a demon! LOL!! :nuts:
  15. Ladies...we've seen lots of gorgeous new bags from the recent sale! How about posting some "what's inside" pics for thiis thread? Keep 'em coming--we love peeking into your world!:tup: