What's in your BE? *PICS PLEASE*

  1. ^^ ditto!! that avatar she has makes me smile!!!!:yes:
  2. thanks guys!! I have pure love for the Tan! Squishy and soft ... but that stamped RM makes me smile too! Very nice..
  3. :smooch:
  4. I love jellybebe's contents, especially the lvs! I'll have to post pics of the inside too sometime! :smile: But my contents aren't nearly so interesting.
  5. bump! come on ladies!!
  6. OK Posk51, I hear ya'!!

    Here's what I've got in my LM Midi in Dark Grey (which is just smooshing up beautifully btw!), apart from my Motorola phone which I used to take the pics with.

    Francesco Biasia croc embossed antiqued gold French purse.
    Angel Purse in Pewter Crash (holding cosmetics today).
    Driving licence.
    Crabtree and Evelyn comb.
    2 sets of house keys (mine and my parents).
    Car keys.
    2 cheque books.
    Black Mont Blanc pen.
    Minichamp swiss army knife.
    Black soft sunglasses case.
    Catharine Spaak sunglasses.
    Net-a-porter tape measure (free with purchase, and very handy too!).
    MAC blushcreme in Uncommon.
    Lavera eyeliner in blue/grey.
    Estee Lauder Pure Crystal lipstick in Crystal Coral.
    Spray perfume sample of Amouage Jubilation 25.

    I'd just like to say that I have recently cleaned out my handbag and removed a ginormous amount of rubbish and receipts!!

    And now for the pics, which are not brilliant but are the best I can do at the minute!
    bag today 001.jpg bag today 002.jpg bag today 003.jpg
  7. YAY! CB! God, that bag is beautiful I love the Angel purse!!!! You sure don't see many of those on eBay! :nuts:
  8. Wow CB, you sure got a lot in that bag!! I've been inspired!! Let me go put some more stuff in mine (LOl)!! Great pics and thanks for sharing:flowers:
  9. Aw, thanks ladies! It can definitely hold more stuff - it's like Dr. Whos' tardis!

    After looking at it all again, I think I need some nice new keyholders to go with my gorgeous bag, and maybe a new keyring for the car keys .... hmmm! :graucho: (Must.. keep.. away.. from.. the.. Mulberry.. and.. LV.. sites :borg1: !!)

    Come on ladies, we know you're out there :yes:! Show us what you got in the depths of your fuchsia lining, and look on the bright side, it's also a fun way to clean out your handbag at the same time!! :lol:
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    Well, all me bits have just been transferred to my LM Midi in dark grey, as I am w/o my TMA for a short while! (boo hoo) :crybaby:On the bright side....I can now break in my Midi (yippeeee!!) :yahoo:

    So, here are MY contents;

    ASUS Eee PC*
    Ipod nano 3G
    Filofax pocket size in brown leather
    Oyster travel card*/Dutch train pass
    John Rocha long wallet in black leather (stuffed to bursting point!!! LOL!!)
    Project shop coin wallet in olive green leather
    Lancome Juicy tubes lip gloss
    Clarins Moisture replenishing lip balm
    Badger Lip & body balm (Tangerine breeze)
    Badger Lip care (Lavender & orange)
    Body shop Passionberry lip balm
    Body shop cocoa butter hand lotion
    Tiffany & co. suede pouch
    Keys on Gucci key ring
    Wrigleys extra gum Cool breeze
    Pocket tissues

    LOL!!!! As you can see I LOVE my lip balms!!! ;)
    * I don't lug this everywhere, only when travelling!! LOL!!
  11. Very nice Tash! You know I've got my eye on your Gucci keyring don't you?!

    DH is after an ASUS himself - DS seems to hog the main computer and I've got my laptop and DH complains he can never get onto anything!

    Any pics perchance of all your lovely stuff? (Not that I'm nosey or anything!:sneaky: :angel:)!!
  12. LOL!!! I wish I could send you a Gucci keyring!!! It's late over here... watching Eurovision song contest!!! LOL!! cheesy I know!! But, I'll defo take pics tomorrow for you! ;)
  13. That would be great. I'd forgotten that the Eurovision Song Contest was on tonight and will watch it forthwith - the cheesiness only makes it better .....!
  14. OK...here are my pics!!! ;)
    800-IMG_0523.JPG 800-IMG_0524.JPG 800-IMG_0526.JPG 800-IMG_0531.JPG
  15. Thanks for the pics!:tup:

    It's amazing what you can get into that LM Midi! Still lovin' the Gucci keyring!