What's in your BE? *PICS PLEASE*

  1. bump. anyone? anone? Bueller...Bueller....

    (not sure I spelled that right- but From Ferris Bueller's...)
  2. I'm thinking BE subforum seems to be getting busier. Perhaps more have stuff to show? This is my favorite thread in the other forums! Let's show them how BE women roll!
  3. Ok..since I have sometime to do this...

    Chanel Sunglasses (my all time FAV!)
    Pewter AP--inside...3 lipsticks..1 Gloss ..Great Shakes handcreme
    Purple AP--inside...kids photos...gum..pens..
    Coach wristlet---CC's
    Calculator...because I am horrible at #'s
    Wet Naps
    1 Orange Car:confused1:
    2 Green Aliens:tup::heart:
    1 Princess Walkie Talkie:graucho:
  4. LOL- LOVE the princess walkie talkie
  5. Ok..OK...I was just told by my oldest daughter that they are BIONICLES not aliens! Sorry..chat later guys!
  6. I am going to have to do this tomorrow when I have time! I love to see how much stuff we can cram into our bags!! Too much fun!!!!
  7. This is the newest addition to the family! Wine SMM. :cloud9:

    This is a lighter day ;)

    make-up pouch
    couple wallets
    couple MAC lip glosses
    couple chap sticks
    couple hair things
    toy car
    hand sanitizer
  8. I'm a'liking this thread! It's very refreshing! Also, totally fantastic in that I'm extremely nosey!! I'll put up some pics myself sometime soon!
  9. LOL!! That is the same reason I love it! ^^ YAY!! post when you get time, this is way too much fun!!
  10. Posky....is tht RM I see????
  11. love it ladies!
  12. why yes, savvy that is RM you see! The latest addition..and she smells lovely ;) but I am staying FAAARRR away from that sale tonight!!! sigh..............

  13. I likey your RM!!! very nice!
  14. Thanks savvy!!!
  15. Ooooohhh, I likey that RM too, Posk! The stamped leather is really fun! Also loving the close up of your tan SM, Savvy -- I think I have an obsession with your bag, it's like I'm stalking it now!! LOL