What's in your Bbag?

  1. So here comes my stuff I always carry with me:
    - Dior Gaucho wallet
    - LV vernis framboise agenda
    - Tempos
    - LV cosmetic pouch with lipstick, perfume, meds
    - Little tape recorder because I have such a nasty boss who always yells at my co-worker and me and it#s for collecting evidence against him:devil:
    - Keys,
    - cell phone which is in the outside pocket and I forgot to take it out:smile:
    I know that I said it about a hundred times but I have to say it again: I just love my grenat city!!!! Even more than my ink because the leather is thicker and softer:love: :love:
    b-bag grenat 020.jpg b-bag grenat 024.jpg
  2. Your Grenat City is gorgeous! It looks a lot nicer than the ones I've seen in person!
  3. Tanja love your grenat!and the framboise agenda is adorable too..good luck with your assy boss, what a meanie!
  4. wow, I am so happy to have found you guys , I though I was the only one who felt this way about my bbag and all the goodies I put inside it.... your bags are lovely and today I learned what a wappity is and now I think I need one....
  5. Why is it called a "Wapity" ? That doesn't even sound French to me... ;)

  6. Ohh Tanja . . . you're right !! Your grenat city is absolutely GORGEOUS ! Thank you so much for sharing it with your personal accessoires ;):nuts: !
  7. Inside my Blueberry City:

    Coach Wristlet
    Credit Card Holder (I loved the one 'chloesmygirl' had so I went and got one)
    Gucci Wallet
    Cosmetic Case
    Manicure Case
    Cell phone
    DSC01182.JPG DSC01184.JPG
  8. ^ gosh, I'm in love with your blueberry city! :love:
  9. wow, the blueberry is stunning...and i :heart: your wallet:smile:
  10. Yeeaahhhhh this blueberry is cute :yahoo::yes: !!
  11. Thanks girls! Actually Apple Garde and Spray helped a lot on my 06er bags.
    First, I just love your collection soo much that I keep coming back everytime I need a cheer up during work:smile:

  12. Awwwwwwwww Tanja .... thank you so much :shame: - we almost could see our collections from eachother - - - we are neighbours !! Where in Germany you live ? :yahoo::love:
  13. After seeing all of your beautiful bags I am stepping up my efforts to get one. I really like seeing what all will fit in them.
  14. Not a bad idea actually! :roflmfao: Just another excuse to get more bags!!! :graucho:

    Thank you!!! And look who's talking! :tender: I'd love to have even 1/4 of the colors you've got hidden away! Your 'what's in your collection' post blew me away! :girlsigh:
  15. I love this post! And I find it a relief that some of you put even more crap in your bags than I do! I was at HR the other day and the SA saw me digging through my bag (I had mail, prescriptions, makeup, mints, among other things in there) to get out my cc and she looked at me so disgustedly that I felt really ashamed. Now I know I'm not alone! ;)