What's in your bambinone?

  1. So, you ladies out there with a beloved bambinone...can you tell me what's in yours? I just want to know how much it can fit on a normal basis.

    I'm usually a big bag girl so I'm used to stuffing, but now that my mom's getting me this bag (after I bugged her a lot:tup:), I want to know what can fit into a bag so tiny...


    PS - also, which print would you choose? Transporto, Famiglia or Tutti, and why?
  2. Hmm... When I carry mine, I put my wallet, change purse, cell phone, iPod + headphones, and misc stuff - like a mirror, mints, gum, and etc. :p It's pretty roomy!!
  3. Here's what's in mine:

    My Portatelefono also fits in it.

  4. i totally agree with Dancing Nancies. this bag can hold tons! i haven't had one since i sold my spiaggia, but i definitely remember having all of my stuff in there + my bf's wallet, cell & medication.
  5. it's like mary poppins bag
    a clown bag it holds TONSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  6. I'll try to post pix later but the Bambinone is great! I think it's my favorite so far for a smaller bag. It also has two sections so it's easier to organize things. The first section has my cosmetic/personals bag Pirata Caramella (easier to transfer the whole thing to other bags), flat-pack Orbit gum, granola bar snack, and the second section has my flat wallet, Sony Cybershot digital camera, keys in the zipped pocket, oh and my cell phone in the small outside zipped pocket.

    Mine is Inferno.

    Given the choices you listed, I would pick Famiglia or Trasporto for showing less dirt, and Famigila if you want a more refined appearance that can go to work/non-casual functions or Trasporto if you want fun characters.
  7. I keep my cell phone in the outer pocket, too. :biggrin:
  8. exactlyy.

    i put my cell phone pocket in the cell phone pocket :p

    i usually put stuff like the wallet, card case, pills in the front and makeup, lip gloss, checkbook in the back pocket.

    i would choose tutti, because i like that print the best out of the 3 although a trasporto bambino could be cute.
  9. Thanks ladies! And thanks ViKitty for posting your picture. I figure I'll be carrying my cell phone, wallet and keys at the very least, but need to know if I can stuff more! :graucho:

    And I'm wavering on the print. I would love the Tutti, and I'd be brave enough to color a character or 2 in, but I really love the print in the Famiglia. And I love the Transporto since it's a dark color and I could probably get it dirtied and wouldn't be the wiser until the end of the evening, when I can freak out in the privacy of my own home. Therein lies my dilemma. I'll probably grab blindly, but not so blindly...after all, I have certain things I must have on my bag! :tender:

    So...have you ever not been able to zip up your bambinone?
  10. Nope. :biggrin: And that's with my Coach wristlet AND Portatelefono wedged in one of the pockets. It's great! ^_^
  11. wow i didn't think there was anyone that loved famiglia :p there's only 1 person i'd trust to color in my tutti & that's my bff who's going to one of the best art schools in the US.

    nope, i was always able to zip it up. my coupon case + checkbook are pretty wide too.
  12. Yes, I love Famiglia. Transporto is growing on me, but Famiglia all the way for me. :tender:

    Wow, is the Coach wristlet you're mentioning the large one, or the smaller one? I'm too lazy to figure out the measurements right now... But ViKitty, that's pretty impressive what you can squeeze into a bambinone. It doesn't seem to be so big IRL...I was scoping out the bag tonight as I lay in wait before I pounced on my mom with my puppy dog eyes...bag in hand...

    As for coloring in the Tutti...I was very good at coloring books :greengrin:
  13. My wristlet? It's 7x4". I love it. :heart:
  14. i still have yet to see trasporto in person but it does look good on the smaller sized bags imo :biggrin:

    lol @ the coloring books.. my friends have commented that tutti looks like a coloring book and the lines are extra thick so i'm sure you'd have no problem ;)
  15. I certainly won't be coloring outside the lines! :nogood:

    But only a few characters. Too many, and it loses its artistic appeal. And, I'd have to find a real permanent marker...and a perfect print placement of a full character to color in...

    Deciding on a print isn't easy, is it?