what's in your bag?

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  1. i thought it might be fun to peek into each other's bags!
    here's what's in mine:


    how about you?
  2. HEHE! Love your description!

    And what a gorgeous Prada bag! When did they come out with that and how did I miss it?!
  3. Oh that's the regular chain bag from years ago. I still use it because it's so sturdy and holds a lot of stuff. That little thing around the logo -- that's just the other handle (not a flap or anything, although it looks like it).
  4. Ohhhh, it looks like a flap! Still cute!
  5. Need to charge my cam :biggrin:
  6. Haha...funny thread. Will try to post something later!
  7. This is what's in mine :P

    Yes, the extra sweater goes in there as well, it's still friggin snowing here! The little teddy bear my mom gave me on V-day, so it's my little "in bag luck charm" :love: The little pen case is great, I would be so pissed if I got ink stains in my Speedy. The ipod case is Coach, I like it :amuse:
  8. They say the Speedy is the "Pandora's Bag" (pandora's box). Once you buy it, you can't stop buying LV.
  9. so cute, Swedie! Is the bear 'Me to You' bear? :biggrin:
  10. You have such cute stuff. I :love: the teddy bear and ludlow. I don't know why, but I get so happy when I see other people with one because I have one. lol I sound like a dork.
  11. The question should really be, "What's NOT in your bag?";)
  12. Someone looooooves pink... :smile:
  13. it's like Hello Kitty threw up!
  14. KTScrlet, what's that cute diamond-encrusted round thing with the heart? :smile:
  15. I can't take pics at the moment, but let's see....my fendi wallet, LV makeup case, Chanel sunglasses, car keys, lotion and gum.
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