What's in your bag?

  1. MJ bags seem to be on the big side so I was wondering what all of you carry with all that space. I have a small mp and my wallet, treo, and ipod have a lot of space left.
  2. I just recently bought MJ Stam and it's a pretty roomy bag, but since it's a heavy bag to begin with, I'm trying not to put a heavy load in it. I usually have my wallet, treo, and lip gloss. Sometimes I put my cardigans too.
  3. I usually carry a ton of stuff in my bag, that's why I bought the large bowler :smile:

    Today I have in my bag:

    - Vogue
    - Net-A-Porter notes calendar
    - small make-up bag
    - mini umbrella
    - sunglasses
    - credit card case
    - coin purse
    - mobile phone
    - key case
    - cigarettes & lighter