What's in your bag?


Oct 8, 2005
I got this idea from Flickr, the photo-sharing site, where there is a group called What's In Your Bag? People take pictures of the contents of their bags and post it. (Here is a link to the group.)

So what do you routinely carry? I have a Purseket - one of those purse organizers - they're wonderful! Here's what is always or usually in my bag:

Sony Ericsson T234 cell phone
2nd Generation 6GB iPod Mini in blue, or my 1GB iPod Shuffle
512MB USB thumb drive for carrying essential files
Small pink metal case containing business cards & matching address labels
Bigger silver metal card case with coupons
Yet another silver card case with pictures of my niece and the kids I babysit
Wallet of course, containing money, cards, and more pictures (I never carry my checkbook)
Mini notebook for jotting notes & mini planner/calendar, and various pens
Keys, naturally
Small hand lotion - I'd go nuts without my lotion!
Small change-purse-type-thing with nail clippers, chapstick, artificial tears, zilactin (that stuff for canker sores), mini scissors, and Listerine pocket packs
Mini first aid kit with bandaids, a couple of alcohol wipes, advil, tylenol, etc
A small zipper bag for those ladies' essentials (you know), stuff for freshening up (travel-sized deodorant), and makeup
A comb
My sunglasses and their hard case
A deck of cards (hey, ya never know!) And they're those cute transparent cards you can find online or at Bed Bath & Beyond. ;)

Wow, I know that sounds like a lot but my purse really isn't that huge! And I bet by the number of cases and bags you can tell how much of an organizer freak I am! lol!

What about you guys?
Wow... I just looked in mine today and almost cried. I don't know what I am doing!!! I have:

-2 wallets (yep I ran out of room in one- even with losing my debit card 2 days ago :Push: ) 1 wallet is a check book wallet- with one of my sets of checks in there, the other is a coin and card wallet

- I have about 15 differnt kinds of lip gloss and lipstick floating around

- Hand sanitizer, because you never know what you might touch

- A 2005 Agenda/Calendar

- Umm another Planner

- my cell phone (which is a POS and breaking each and everyday with one more use)

- a nail file

- some small containers of lotion (about 5 different kinds)

- another aimless wandering check book

- a pin from World Youth Day (I got it over in Germany)

- some torn about pages from various magazines

- benadryl (in case of allergic reactions)

- a few pens

- my ipod shuffle and nano!!

- a parking ticket from the mall (apparantly if you can't parallel park well you get a ticket?! :blink: )

- some random necklaces and earrings

- about 100 receipts from wherever I've gone in the past few days (yupp they add up!!)

Ughh... I can't go on.. I need to go clean this thing!! :embarasse
well this is my first post so...hey y'all!

my bag contains:
-fendi wallet with credit cards, checkbook, about a million and a half reciepts (mostly from fast food, sadly)
-huge key ring (my apartment, boyfriend's house, parents house, car), coach card carrier, UGA keychain, keychain from my high school, etc.
-prada sunglasses (perscription) in a chanel case (it was free from the eyeglass store because the prada one they gave me broke)
-Samsung VGA1000 cell phone
-20GB iPod
- a pair of cheap earrings that i took out and forgot about because they made my ear hurt
-icebreakers sour mints (don't try them, they're addictive)
-a few pens

after listing all that, it has suddenly occurred to me that if i didn't buy so many luxury accessories, i wouldn't be limited to shopping at the gap...oh well, like that's going to change.
Right now, I've got....

Altoids (mints and little strip thingys)
iPod shuffle
lip balm
pill box
nail file

And since its a big hobo, I use it as a tote bag. Today's accumulation (which will be emptied by day's end....)

receipt for a return
my daughter's repaired eye glasses
daughter's chewing gum
neice's birthday cards
tea steeper
velcro dots
picture hooks (see, its like a tote bag....)

And, I always carry what I refer to as my most expensive piece of jewelry.....the photo ID necklace for the private school my kids go to!
Okay I have 2 new ones so I'm starting out with a clean slate.... I change them almost weekly because of all the various colors I have but this week is GOLD and this is what it has in it --so far:
Coin Purse
Keys (car)
Keys (various houses:toung: )
Make-up case
Lotion (duh!)
Petroleum Jelly Travel Tube? (I still don't know why)
Johnson's Baby Powder (Since I've been traveling / Hurricane victim)
Class Drop Slip
Estee Lauder Free Perfume Sample Coupon
ONLY One Pen (can u believe it!)
Germ-X *Travel size
Bella Sunglasses @ times (they're so O.C.)
One strip of paper (u never know when you need to jot down a #)
Examining The Scriptures Daily 2005 Booklet
-*Whew!:embarasse -
I am carrying a hobo today, so thank goodness their isn't much that can fit in mine!
But theres the list!
My Wallet/ Check book
Cell Phone
Hair Tie
ID Badge
nail file
I carry deodarant too!! Haha. My tote bag is laughable when I carry that thing- many times my passport is in it even on my drive to starbucks! :wacko:
Cute thread! I swear I hardly carry anything in my bag, just the bare minimum, but yet i must have a large bag!?! What up with that? I'm carrying a Coach signature patchwork large hobo (kakhi/denium snakeskin trim)

matching Coach signature patchwork slim envelope wallet (fuchsia)
matching Coach signature patchwork wristlet (fuchsia) for lipsticks
Coach signature patchwork flower keyfob (fuchsia) with SUV key
Business checkbook (personal check book is in Coach wallet)
extra pen
sunglasses in case
reading glasses in case
Med. size hand lotion
bottle of hand sanitizer
small round pill case
powder compact or powder brush in tube (just on or the other)
couple of mints, listerine breath strips
Swiss army knife
small tape measure
couple of safty pins
business card case
hand alarm
Cell phone
and if I'm running a lot of errands, a bottle of water and whatever else I need for that day.

Is this very much? It looks like more when you right it all out!
No that is NOT a lot compared to what I usually carry. And no - u 2 arent the only ones who carry around deoderant:lol: I HAVE 2!!!! It's southeast TX for pete's sake. Humid and hot-lethal combination. Inky you just reminded me of something I left out-my hunter's blade. Hey man, you never know.....
hehe I carry travel-sized deodorant.

I forgot that I also have hand sanitizer in my bag.

Okay, this may border on TMI but here's a tip - if you ever really, really need to freshen up your underarms and you don't have deodorant handy, a bit of hand sanitizer will work. Can't remember where I read this a couple years ago but it does kill the germs that cause scent - saved me a couple times after a crazy day of work!
It really depends on what bag I bring. If I have a tote I can carry almost everything I could ever need for the day. If I have a pouchette that's a different story.

But essentials are of course my cell phone, pen (actually I'm very careful with what pen I bring...ink stains suck), essential cosmetics (everything Chanel or Dior...powder, lip gloss, etc.), tissue (facial tissue, always useful). That's with a pouchette, if it's a HUGE tote & a school day...the list is too long to type.