What's in your bag?

  1. Do you carry a lot of accessories? Do you have a wallet, and a mini skinny and a wristlet? More than one mini skinny? Just a wallet? Do tell-I am trying to re-organize my bag-I am carrying my "new to me" Coach tote this week and am trying to figure things out
  2. I have a mini skinney, wallet, check book, my new makeup pouch (seen in another thread) keys, dior sunglasses, my pass to get to the beaches, cell phone, & that about it...I think.
  3. Hmm-what are your keys on and what kind of bag are you carrying? I am asking becuase, i just got a key holder today and transferred all my keys onto it-I love it! But, I have all those little discount cards-you know-for the drugstore, the supermarket, the pet store-yada, yada, and I used to keep those on my key ring. well-no mroe key ring-so, they fit into a mini skinny jsut great, but, I have a mini skinny in my bag already and it is filled,so, do I put in another mini skinny or what? Ugh-did I even make sense? LOL
  4. My keys are just on a keyring w/ keyfobs and discount cards. The bag I am currently using when it's not raining is usually my coach signature tote. Do you already have a mini skinny on your keychain or is it in your bag laying around? I wouldn't put 2 on a key ring. But yeah if they are just gonna be laying around in your purse than go ahead get another & another..LOL!
  5. I just got made fun of today by a friend for being "all coached out" when she saw the inside of my bag. I carry my trigger snap keyfob, a cosmetic case, large wallet, camera (a pretty big one), Sidekick in coach pouch, iPod, and miscellaneous crap. Lots and lots of crap. I bought this crazyp-assed pack of tissues in chinatown this weekend, for example. Stuff like that. Oh, and a Tide-to-Go pen. :smile:
  6. LOL the queen of coach accessories!

    i carry smaller bags or my fossil messenger..im actually going to have to get some type of tote this week but in the mean time sometimes when im shopping i hate bags, and before i found that great burberry side pack in my closet i would just put my
    cash and plastic in my mini skinny, with keys
    my phone which is a razor twin in samsung,
    now my chanel sunnies :love:
    mini ipod..
    and i gues in the bag compartment zipup tampons. but with my messenger

    same as above lol
    +a notebook, my envelope shaped file, book and water bottle. and this other small hardcover notebook when i dont have paper on hand and i am struck with some sort of inspiration. why dont you get that little key pouch thing im attaching below instead of buying another mini, though im not sure if its wide enough:
  7. At the moment, COACH checkbook wallet, black wristlet (stuffed), sunglasses, iPod shuffle, memo pad, keys, and gum (lol).
  8. wallet, change purse, phone, lip balm, Juicy "mini skinny"

    depending on where I am, a camera, a passport (soon!), maybe an umbrella and light jacket--this would be my non school everyday bag
  9. I normally thow in:
    -keys, and they have a ton of keychains! I'm a keychain fantatic!
    -20 GB ipod (the chunkier version, it takes up a lot of space lol)
    -wallet (presently using a long wallet vs. a mini skinny, but, if it's a smaller purse, then I normally will transfer everything.
    -sunglasses with a case for them
    -Cell phone

    I think thats it...I will sometimes throw in my camera if I'm going somewhere that I think I might need it...I stick with bigger purses and use the compartments for makeup...I love the make up bags, but, they're too darn big!
  10. Sometimes I use a mini skinny and sometimes I use my LV pocket organizer...just depends on the bag I'm carrying. So I usually don't need an extra wristlet. I also carry cards in my LV cles if I need to. I sometimes use an extra cosmetic pouch or something like it to carry all my electronics (digicam, sk2, iPod, etc.).
  11. It depends what I'm doing and what bag I'm carrying so I'll list a few configurations :biggrin: :

    1) If I'm going to school, I carry a large tote bag with:
    - dayplanner
    - mini-skinny with bills, change and essential cards (driver's license, student ID, ATM card, bus pass)
    - small zip-around card holder with the rest of the cards (credit cards, points cards, health care card, etc.)
    - sunglasses
    - cell phone
    - small makeup case with various odds and ends (lipgloss, kleenex, Swiss Army knife, Tide-To-Go pen, eyeglass repair kit, bandaids and moleskin, little bag with Tylenol and Advil, a few pieces of gum, Listerine pocket pack, small mirror, little trial size hand cream, small comb, hair elastic, pen, tampons, emery board)
    - house keys on a Coach picture frame keyfob (with pics of the kid and husband)
    - car keys (on a carabiner so I can attach them to the house keys if I'm driving, otherwise I just detach them and leave them at home)
    - office keys
    - magazine
    - tiny umbrella
    - lunch!

    2) If I'm going shopping or otherwise spending the day out and about with the car, I carry a regular purse (Coach large soft duffle, or other bag about that size):
    - mini-skinny (as above)
    - card holder (as above)
    - makeup case with odds and ends listed above
    - sunglasses
    - cellphone
    - house/car keys

    3) If I'm spending the day doing a lot of walking, I carry my lovely new Coach Graphic Signature swingpack (with gold trim):
    - mini-skinny (as above but I take out a few of the cards from the card holder and put them in here)
    - sunglasses
    - cellphone
    - house keys
    - lipgloss, couple pieces of gum, Listerine pocket pack, kleenex
    - maybe throw in my camera

    I also have a signature Poppy wristlet that I sometimes use in place of the mini-skinny and card holder.

  12. Kezza - aren't Tide-To-Go pens the best invention ever? I don't know how I lived without mine. I was sold on them when my sister let me use hers after my kid spilled blue-coloured milk (don't ask) on my light coloured pants, and then put his blackberry-sauce covered hands all over my lap. I couldn't believe that the pen took out all traces of everything.
  13. If the discount cards are the little tiny ones, you could just put them all on a cute little keychain of their own and toss them in your bag. Hey, and that'd be an excuse to buy one of the cute owl or monkey keychains from Coach!! ;) Actually, depending on their size, I wonder if they'd even fit inside one of the picture frame keyfobs. Hmmmm, might be too small, not sure. I also like aarti's suggestion to use one of the small kiss-lock closure coin purses.
  14. I think the pic. frame key chain is too small to hold the discount cards...I've seen a lot of people throw them on a seperate keychain, so, I think that would be a great idea to buy a seperate keychain and toss it in another compartment of your purse :smile:
  15. I always carry: keys (I have a fistful, maybe 15!), cell phone, checkbook wallet, sunglasses, pen, lip gloss/lipstick (depending on the season)...those are basically the necessities. I add a bottle of water most days and a notepad and calculator if I'm going to the grocery store. I don't carry an agenda with me unless I'm going to school. I *should* carry sunscreen too, I gotta get a small bottle.

    I'm in the market for a mini skinny for my going out bag, time to hit the outlet!