What's in your bag today? No cheating lady's ;-)

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  1. hi girls! since i always Carry way too Much in my bag i was wandering
    What's in yours... I thought i didn't had too Much junk in Mine haha lol
    Apparently not... After i took the pics i did put it all back you know...
    Just in case i need it someday...


    Looks pretty organised :smile: balenciaga velo = light and lots off space lol


    So inside Mr teddy, bottle and my VIP ( Very Inteligent Purse)
    Still kind of organised...


    Here comes the horror, the inside of my vip,
    - bills
    - make up
    - deoderant
    - receipt from a store
    - wallet
    - diary
    - ....


    Mr teddy is à bag btw, if i buy something in the supermarket after work,
    Since we don't get plastic bags anymore, and the bottle is an umbrella
    ( must have in a rainy country) That keeps your bag dry. Cute no?

    thanks for letting me share and hope to see your secrets to girls!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.