What's in you cles?

  1. i'm just curious what you girls keep in yours, because i'd like to buy one 'cause they're so cute, but i don't know what to put in it. what are they actually made for?
  2. I just got my perfo cles a few weeks ago and I love it!! In mine is license,insurance card,atm and cc card umm I think that's it! My most imp stuff! Which one u interested in??
  3. I have some coins, cards, receipts and hang (keys and groceries stores,GNC,borders membership cards)

    They made for all the items I have in it ..lol
  4. I have my license, gym id card, cc, cash...just the essentials for when I need to grab my keys and go and don't want to haul everything. :flowers:

  5. i was thinking i wanted a mini lin one. so it sounds like it's something like a wallet, right?
  6. My drivers license, two credit cards and random receipts. Sometimes change.
  7. Oops and I 4got my cash 2! Hehe
  8. in the mines I store recepits, folded bills, my school ID, debit card and some cash, and when I go to the cinema I leave the tickets there so I won´t lost them. They are so useful, my fave is the perfo one, is the roomiest.
  9. I keep my keys and coupons in there.
    Most of the time, just my keys, to prevent them from scratching the other stuff in my bag.
  10. okay cool, so money and keys. so it is like a wallet. when you open it up is it just one open space or does it have dividers? and hiram1389 said the perfo is the roomiest, so some are smaller than others?
  11. its not really a wallet, its just one open space in the middle.

    I use mine as a wallet, though, to keep all my money and cc's/id that I use daily.

    Perfo is def the roomiest, about a .5" bigger each way than the mono. I hear vernis is the smallest, so it fits the least (b/c its not able to open up as much).
  12. Really? That's odd, it works for me... :confused1:

    But yeah, cles are awesome! Can use them for money, cc's, keys...they're very handy!
  13. I use it for money, coins and sometimes i carry my d/l or transit pass!

    and it is cute and i think every collection should have one or two..... or three or four...:P