whats in ur coach wallet

  1. my coach siggy wallet has 8 card slots, i only have 7 main cards:

    my VISA
    our household VISA
    bank card for our savings account
    bank card for the account we use for chequeing
    provincial health insurance
    work supplemental insurance
    and drug store rewards program (i m there like all the time)

    i have the little pocket for my union card and blockbuster and stuff. all the business cards are in my mono clés. what m i supposed to do w this extra slot? might haev to look for a new coach wallet. lol
  2. I only keep about 5 cards -- two credit cards, a store credit card, my Hallmark gold crown card and my casino card. Keep money and coins in the wallet, too.

    I don't like filling every slot and keep other cards like Costco, Sams Club, etc. in a separate holder. Checkbook is in another holder by itself.

    Never have liked the look of a "loaded" wallet and am also paranoid that if it is stolen, I won't lose everything, so I just keep it basic!
  3. -License
    -My hair stylist's card
    -3 dollars..LOL!!
  4. I use a Mini Skinny.

    Debit/Credit Card
    Zoo Membership
    University ID (to get into the football games!)
    Library Card
    Sephora Card
    Vera Bradley Club Card (which I haven't used since last year, oops)
    some odd change
    money for gas
  5. :roflmfao: Sounds a lot like my wallet! I never have cash!
  6. checkbook
    drivers license
    social security cards
    costco card
    debit card
    insurance card
    library card
    cafe rio punch card
    jiffy lube card
    car wash discount card
    maurices punch card
    hollywood video card
    blue blunny discount card
    hair salon discount card
    not too much money, and some change!!! ;)
  7. College ID
    NY State non-driver's ID
    NYC Fireguard License
    Debit/credit card
    Health insurance card
    Backup Metrocard with $1 on it, I need to put more on it.

    I keep all of my frequent buyer cards in my mini skinny.
  8. Well....some cash, and change!!! LOLOL....I only carry TWO main credit cards, and my debit card in the credit card slots, along w/ my Costco card....then in the slip pockets, I have mine and my kids' medical insurance cards, hubby's business card, an emergency card, library cards, my license and insurance card. ALL other credit cards that are NOT being used so much (such as dept store/electronic store credit cards) I keep in my Coach credit card case, along w/ frequent purchase punch cards, video cards, etc. I have a mini skinny inside my bag at ALL TIMES, just in case we go someplace icky and I dont want to bring my bag inside for fear of getting her dirty!!! LOL I have a separate checkbook as well inside my bag.
  9. i m surprised so many people seem to carry checkbooks. i dont remember the last time i had a checkbook inside my bag. DH and i write the rent check every month and that is it!
  10. - debit card
    - university i.d card
    - hospital card
    - bus pass
    - chapters discount card
    - cash
    - library card
    - shoppers drug mart points card
    - movie gift card
    - bell pay phone card
    - a poem
    - notes from a friend
    - some business cards
    - hallmark and carlton store card
    - tea shop cards
    - sephora card
    - and some random scraps of paper
  11. Driver License
    Master Card
    Bank Card
    Air Miles
    Safeway Card
    Health Insurance Card
    $13.50 :nuts:
    Lottery ticket :graucho: