What's in the Package? It's a Surprise!

  1. Wonder what this could be???????
    Purse 1.jpg
  2. :popcorn: waitinggggg!
  3. carly??
  4. What is it??
  5. Where is everyone?????
    for you, babyjoeysmamma, here's another hint.....
    Purse 2.jpg
  6. Nope, not a carly.
  7. Ergo hobo?
  8. :tumbleweed: this is getting old
  9. im with luvsbags&shoes, its an ergo!
  10. :sleepy:
  11. Hopefully by the time I get back with coffee she will re veil herself.
  12. Nope! No carly no ergo.
    One more hint before she reveals herself....
    Purse 3.jpg
  13. Legacy small shoulder flap in black leather!!!
  14. bleeker???...i'm bad at guessing lol
  15. open it some moreeeeee haha