what's in the brown bags?

  1. This was a lot of work: First Bunny was guarding the brown bags. Then I was trying to set things up and Samantha and Bunny had to get into the action. Sam decided that I was not doing it right. That I was crowding them too much, so she would be my artistic director. I think she did a great job!!:love:
    wallets and wristlets oh my 016edit.jpg my bag collection 007.jpg my bag collection 009.jpg my bag collection 010.jpg my bag collection 013.jpg
  2. and this is the last...until next week.:nuts:
    my bag collection 015.jpg my bag collection 017.jpg my bag collection 020.jpg
  3. wow your collection is awesome and very unique!! very nice!!
  4. Beautiful collection! Sam and Bunny are adorable! And great little helpers!
  5. ooh nice collection! i like how you have a little bit of everything for variety.
  6. lol it looks like you could open up your own coach store there.. you have one in every color!!
  7. nice! thanks for sharing! love to look at pics!
  8. Thanks for sharing! You have a great collection! Sam and Bunny are so cute!
  9. That is QUITE the amazing collection!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing w/ us!!!
  10. You have an amazing Collection!!!!
  11. You have one CRAZY collection!!!!

    Love it alllll!!! Lucky girl!
  12. wow :nuts: you've got quite the collection! :tup: Thanks for sharing, they are beautiful!!!! :yes:
  13. Beautiful collection! Love the colors!
  14. OMG I thought you bought all that today! I am literally drooling here. No, seriously, my mouth is actually watering! LOL. I LOVE your collection!
  15. You have an amazing collection! Congrats!