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  1. Oh my what a great collection you have!! So many!!! I have a lot of those too - charms and keyfobs are so much fun. Ill never use all the ones I have either, but they are addicting, arent they? Thanks for taking photos for us.
  2. ^^^ Yes they are addicting but so fun to collect!!!
  3. GREAT collection. I love the apple the most :love:
  4. very cool!!:tup: my favorite is also the apple and the monkey!!!
  5. Thanks everyone for your comments!~
    My favorite one of the "fruits" is the 3D strawberry charm :yes:
  6. Great pics! Amazing collection! My love for charms/key chains just began, I purchased my first, the snowflake, a month ago.
  7. OOOh the snowflake is so cute, I didn't have a chance to get that one and it's hard to find one on ebay now.
  8. Lovely collection! Looks like you'll have some of the best decorated bags around
  9. Great collection! :tup:
  10. Awesome collection! Everything is so cute! When I see ones that I own, I'm like, hey that looks like mine!! lol :lol:
  11. :roflmfao: Well Mr. Elephant thinks he's the only one so don't tell him you've got another Elephant that looks just like him.
  12. Wow, I love your collection! They're all adorable!
  13. WOW!!!! I love it.
  14. hehe, nope, I don't have an elephant! He's still #1!
  15. OMG your collection is amazing!!!!!!!! :love: