Whats in the Bag?

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  1. So we all know we drool over nice bags, but whats in the bag? Here is what i carry: coach wallet, checkbook, sunglasses, coach wristlet-used as a change purse, mini lesportsac bag filled with lipgloss, hand creme..etc. gum, keys, phone.......so whats in your bag?
  2. A Wallet (Chanel Cambon), A Card holder (Chanel cambon), A Cosmetic bag with Mac Lipgrass, Stila cream brush, tissue holder inside, A hangerchief, Keys, Mobile Phone (LG Prada). That's it.
  3. um...everything but the kitchen sink???!!?!? i carry my cell phone, a prada cosmetic bag, coach wallet (that i just can't kill), pda, journal, pens, hard candy, assorted papers with numbers that i no longer remember why i have them..sunglasses and my keys...i'm sure there's more in there...i'm just afraid to see what is growing in there!!!!
  4. In my bag I carry my Burberry wallet (love it!)............my cell phone............my MAC black nylon cosmetic bag.........my Coach agenda........and my keys. Usually mints and a bunch of my daughters hair elastics and clips too.
  5. Right now (because it changes almost daily): Coach checkbook wallet, keys, MAC cosmetic case with a zillion lip glosses and mini Victoria's Secret perfume, pda cell phone, bluetooth headset, sunglasses in hard case and an organizer.
  6. I actually don't think I carry alot: LV wallet, small LV agenda, LV mini accessories for some cosmetics (lipstick, gloss, powder, etc.), keys with LV key & change holder, Blackberry cell phone ... and I think that's about it!
  7. Tusk wallet, keys, Blackberry, MAC lip balm, Chanel purse sized perfume, chewing gum, transit card, mini makeup bag which has one lipgloss, blush, one eyeshadow. It's for emergencies only! Umbrella, pen, work id. That's it! There are usually at least 5 post-its in there too.
  8. I have my travel wallet, matching coinpurse, cellphone, ring case (a small makeup bag with my ringbox and 30x loupe), mints from Kate Spade (mints themselves are gross, Im replacing those with altoids), keys, BC Pills, Synthroid, flosser things.
  9. Ladies (and gents)....I would love if you all would post pics of what's in your bags in my blog (address in siggy). Thanks.
  10. Hmmm. Longchamp wallet. Hermes agenda. One of those vinyl cosmetic bags you can get at borders, with Paul and Joe powder, Blinc mascara and Guerlaine lipstick. Cellphone. A couple of pens. Car keys, house keys. That's about it.
  11. Where do I begin? LOL

    Right now:

    Dior Cannage Wallet (long)
    Coach black monogram wristlet
    Cell phone
    MAC makeup case (w/ foundation, 2 powder sets, 2 lipsticks, lip brush, 3 kinds of concealer, eyeliner and one shade of eyeshadow -all of this is what tends to weigh down my bag lol)
    Travel-size bottle of Purell hand sanitizer
    Travel-size bottle of Keri body lotion
    Sunglasses (in the summer)
    Blue iPod mini w/ Juicy Couture case
    Pack of Excel Spearmint gum
    Coach keychain w/ 3 keys
    (and sometimes, a can of Diet Pepsi for the road lol)

    ...and that is why I love large bags. LOL
  12. I change it up a lot. But the most common things:

    LV wallet
    Cell phone
    Clinique mirror and case
    Clarins red lipstick
    Ipod and case
    Hand sanitizer
    Fall season Coach catalog to keep shape if I'm carrying my LV speedy
  13. -A wallet
    -Baby wipe
    -cell phone
    -books for study
    -Talking dict
    -pencil case
    -cosmetic bag
  14. cell phone (sony phone also acts as ipod at the gym)
    louis mono agenda
    louis mono clés (extra loyalty cards, my business cards and loonies and twonies)
    my keys on tiffany keyring
    coach siggie wallet w all my cards
    burts bees gloss
    hair clip
    work id
    migraine pills
  15. coach wallet
    coach sunglasses
    migraine pills
    cell phone
    small bottle of perfume
    nail file
    brush/mirror combo
    nail file
    tide to go stick