What's In Store: Neimans - Short Hills

  1. Just came back....
    2 Blueberry Work, 1 Blueberry Courier, 1 Blueberry classique
    1 Grenat Work
    1 Truffle Work, 1 Truffle Classique, 1 truffle purse
    1 beautiful green colored Work (it wasn't the s/s 06 emerald...it was deeper green and :love: :love: ) Maybe Sapin???

    Also the SA opened the drawers at the bottom of the display case and :yahoo: they were full of Classique/City bags from s/s 06...I counted at least 3 black ones, 1 Ink and 1 rouille. I'm bad with the smaller size bags...I think they were classiques because they didn't have the long flap like the City does.

    Unfortunately, I left AmEx at home....otherwise that green Work would have left with me. :crybaby:
  2. Thank you so much for posting this! It really helps to have a heads up when you're looking for something in particular.
  3. :love: BLUEBERRY WORK :love:
  4. Thanks esiders! We're there any rouge vif?
  5. Nope...no rouge vif, no blue India, no cement. The SA said they are getting bags all the time and haven't received all the Fall 06 bags yet.

    Oh and on the sale table was a cute little blue and white toile clutch with a big tacky Juicy-Couture-ish Balenciaga emblem on the front. The clutch had the B-bag mirror on the inside. Retail was $700something; sale price about $250. I kept flipping it over and contemplated buying it...but I didn't. :girlsigh:
  6. Thanks for the awesome report...I love the selection at Short Hills.
  7. UPDATE:
    1 Truffle city
    1 grey-silverish city, classique
    1 Sapin purse, work, hobo
    Blueberry work, hobo
    Grenat work
    several Black cities and classiques
    a rouille classique
    an Ink clutch
    and maybe an Emerald classique

    I spoke to SA Lee Bennett and he says that they've ordered rouge_vif & Blueberry cities but they haven't come in yet. The are expecting to have all Fall bags by August. NM overall only ordered 9 Sapin cities :wtf: and they are in the warehouse...so if you want Sapin get it NOW. On Sunday they had a lot of Blueberry in different styles...most are now gone.
  8. They only ordered 9 sapin bags? WTF? One of those beautiful bags has to be yours!!!!

    I can't even believe you left your amex at home - what willpower!!! If I had seen a rouge vif city, I would have whipped it out so fast it would blow the SA's hair back!
  9. Is there an inventory update for this store? Do they have any of the new Camel color? Do they have any of the new part-time style? Thanks!
  10. ^^^ Unfortunately I'm in Georgia at the moment, but will be going to Short Hills on Monday...I will let you know what they have!! :flowers:
  11. Thanks esiders ... I knew I could count on you!! ;) I will PM you.
  12. UPDATE - 9/4/06

    CAMEL: Afternoon (either $1245 or $1295) and Day
    BLUEBERRY: Day, Classique
    ROUGE_VIF: giant Courier
    TRUFFLE: Bowling
    SAPIN: Purse

    ...they've moved the motorcycle line to the front by LV and have a display case full of the new non-motorcycle bags. Lots of women came by looking at the Motorcycle line while I was there, but I was the only person to purchase a bag. They also have a bags in the back and in drawers, so make sure you ask what they have in stock.
  13. Was down in NJ this past weekend (for a in-law family event), and saw all the bags (as well as opened up one of the drawers). Also saw the Black Medium Padded, Rouge Vif Money (the smaller wallet with the flap) as well as two coin purses which I've never seen before. They were smaller in width than the old mini coin purses, but they had more depth and they had a zipper which went around 3 sides. The leather was much more stiff than the usual goat leather (almost close to a patent leather) and had an embossed/stitched 'B' on the front. They looked as though they are part of the same line as the the stiff "Doctor-style" bags (sorry - can't remember the names at this point).
  14. ^^^ I bought the Rouge_Vif wallet today. The long one...the portefeuille.

    They also have a Camel Part Time bag.
  15. as of this morning (9/21):

    rouge_vif money wallet (in the display case)
    Day - Truffle, blueberry, sapin, camel
    City - Sapin & Truffle
    Work - black, Grenat
    Classique - black
    Bowling - Grenat and Truffle
    Twiggy - Truffle
    Box - Truffle
    Whistle bag -black and dark brown (must be the new olive color)
    *that toliet case bag in rouge_vif (reminds me of an old school cosmetic case women used while travelling back in the day...has a handle on top and a chain on the front)