what's in stock -- Washington DC/MD/VA Saks?

  1. Please specify which one, and as much as you know! I'm going there on thursday, and I would LOVE to buy a little chanel as my EGC purchase.
  2. Lovey, I would call and just ask what bags they have in stock. I do that all the time and have never had any problems. Remember, Saks at Tysons does NOT sell Chanel handbags; only Neiman Marcus and the stand alone Chanel Boutique down from Neimans (in the mall). There are no other Saks (that I know of) there. So Saks at Chevy Chase is the only place to call. HTH
  3. The only Saks that sells Chanel in this area is Chevy Chase. I would give them a call and find out what they have available right now.
  4. thanks ladies!

    I will call them sometime today... any SA that is better/friendlier than the others?
  5. If she is still there; ask for Nikki. She works all of the designer bags. She searched everywhere for a style I wanted. I have found that those working there now will NOT call other stores, will NOT do a search of any type. Most of the time I get a answering machine. Sad, but true. Also, if Nikke is not there, ask for the Chanel boutique manager. She is the only one who knows anything about the different styles of the bags; again, no one else seems to. Whenever I go in, I'm usually on my own (except for the police officer who stands outside the boutique entrance). So I just take my notes and do my thing. HTH
  6. Thanks so much CJJ. I will be sure to ask for her!

    I think I would kind of like being alone in the boutique to look around. Is that creepy? I hate the SA's who hover over you and sigh like their just exasperated if you don't want to buy the second bag you look at.
  7. Nikki is from which store?
  8. Nikki works at Saks in Chevy Chase. She's very helpful. I buy all my stuff from her when I'm there. I think her off days are Wednesdays and I can't remember the other day.
  9. Thank you!
  10. Nikki hasn't been at saks for a few months. I used her also and she was very helpful. I think she was asked to leave because she was not charging tax....