What's in stock right now at Neiman Marcus Newport?

  1. Does anyone know what Briefs they have in right now?
  2. Unless something has changed.... last thing I knew was NM NB does not carry Balenciaga. The bags they have in the store are usually returns or transfers.

    However, they could find and order what you are looking for.
  3. Yep they sure do. I go there a lot. I drive from LA down there sometimes. They have a whole Balenciaga section :tup:
  4. i haven't been there in a while. sorry :huh:
  5. I would just call and ask. what color are you looking for?
  6. Oh wow! Great! Figures they would now after I have moved away. BUT, I will for sure make it there when I'm in town.

    Thanks, glad I responded even though I was wrong.:p

  7. REALLY???!!!!!! are you sure?

    I visit the store weekly.. but have NEVER seen a Balenciaga bag.. I asked once 3 years ago about BBags and was told only Barneys NY carried them in greater LA/OC.
  8. :confused1:
  9. Ladies, I work across the street, and they DEFINITELY carry Balenciaga!!!!

    They have only had it for a few months though. Since about February, if I remember correctly.

    I hope this solves some of the confusion!

    As of last week, they had a violet SGH work, a marine work, a pine step, a mogano SGH PT, mastic SGH city, a bunch of RH Days in various colors, and a whole lot of black SGH bags. My memory is poor because I was in a hurry though.

    If you call there....ask for Farideh and tell her that her doctor sent you. :smile: She is still learning BBags but she will work REALLY hard to find you what you want! :yes:
  10. OMG I talked to her today about a bag, she is great and found just the one I wanted! She said they mostly have the GH on the bags.

  11. Oh no way! I was there this past weekend... I just always assumed that NM Newport didn't carry BBag so I didn't even look closely!

    That's great news. Where exactly were those bags, were they on display? location?
  12. ^ Last time I was there when you walked in (and Gucci was on your left) you make a left and go all the way past LV and Balenciaga was right in the corner. It was one little small squared room :smile:
  13. before i start..a word of caution: i never knew how much my camera phone sucked. i thought i was doing my duty as a fellow pf'er by taking stock and pics but to my embarresment the pics are truly bad. well, the last is the book i looked at and saw the coin zip wallet in eb w/sgh. although the pic is bag, it really looked amazing. i can't wait to get a bag in the color and hardware. once again, i apologize for the quality!! :sad:

    i went to nm newport tonight and wanted to check out their stock since i hadn't been there in a while. while it may annoy some people that their isn't an sa readily available to help, i love having the freedom to pick any bag up that i choose, take pics (even if they are horrible) and so on. here's the list that to the best of my memory:

    -blue glacier ggh weekender, very nice
    -blueberry rh weekender, too nice
    -a blue like marine work rh
    -rouille city rh
    -tomato ggh brief
    -bg rh day
    -bg rh city
    -bh ggh pt
    -magenta rh city
    -magenta ggh city
    -magenta sgh coin purse
    -vert thyme first
    -mastic ggh hobo
    -plomb hobo, envelope sgh clutch, sgh city (nm lighting is horrible, i kept on looking at it since it
    was different that the black and the sa couldn't tell)
    -truffle (looks like it to me) rh city and first
    -black everything (day sgh, city sgh, work rh, one of those sgh clutch w/the docu compartments)
    -lots, lots of white
    -money wallets in gsh such as black, vert fonce, and a red i think-tomato?
    -last and unfortunatley least, i found a gh...a ggh vert gazon day. it was such a shock. i say least because once i touched it, it broke my :heart:! i was definitely used, and so so so dry. i had to touch my once violet day to see if it wasn't just that my hands were dry. i truly mean extremely! :sad: i was tempted to buy it and see if i could help the leather but the handle/shoulder strap was so bent how could the sa when it was returned not tell it was used? :confused1: i was such a shame! and it was still selling at regular price? :tdown:
    12-28-07_1849.jpg 12-28-07_1850.jpg 12-28-07_1851.jpg 12-28-07_1852.jpg 12-28-07_1853.jpg
  14. ***on a better note, i found a hg that i had to have since the vg was off limits-the cinnamon/mogano ggh day which i loved as soon as i saw it. i loved blessings' so i was looking for one too. i really went to see the bg day (which i will definitely get later) but the leather was so smooth and i loved the combo. thanks for the inspiration blessings!! ***

    12-28-07_1857.jpg IMG_0001.JPG IMG_0002.JPG
  15. i forgot to mention, they had a city rh and first in the pine color too.