Food What's in my children's lunchbox today....(Please share your pics!)


Jul 16, 2009
I thought this would be a fun thread to start as I'm always struggling to come up with lunch ideas for my kids. I searched this forum and found a few threads that were more than 2 years old - so I didn't want to bump them.

Please post pics/recipes of what you send for your kids' lunch!

I'll start with these pizza muffins I made this weekend (with my kids help) - after googling lunchbox ideas I found this recipe - and I had all the ingredients at home!

My lunch formula for them is:
dairy: milkbox, cheese stick or yoghurt
fruit & veg: apple slices, carrot sticks or raisins
snack: a small cookie or a handful of chips
main: this is where I struggle...some days it's french toast, other days its pasta, sandwiches, mini-pizza ...
drink: juicebox/milkbox & water