"What's in my bag"

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  1. Wow, that's crazy! I never knew so many people carried soooo much stuff!
  2. Ooooh, I saw that once before. It's interesting to know what people carry and how much they carry, isn't it?
  3. Does anyone else get all happy when they see other people with the crap they have? hehe
  4. that is alot.
  5. im one of these crazy people who carry a lot. :sick:

    i feel sick when my bag doesnt weigh a ton. :biggrin:
  6. I have a huge work bag, too! I just felt like I had to bring my entire room to work especially when I travel between places.
  7. oh me! it always makes me feel tons better about the amount of stuff i carry. :smile:
  8. I do and I have no idea if that's a good thing or not, as I was browsing through the pictures I kept thinking to myself "do I have a problem?"
  9. oh i thought this was an actual thread we were sharing our stuff! we should just start posting our pics. haha.

    if i had a bag, i would be carrying the following:
    key wallet
    desk agenda (on occasions)
    couple of magazines
    lip balm
  10. I'm always fascinated by what other people have in their bags! In fact, a few times sitting on underground trains I have nearly got punched for peering into someone's bag when it's on their lap, I must look really crazy but it's SO INTERESTING!:nuts:

    A woman sat next to me with an open Chanel tote on her lap the other day, it was a gorgeous bag and she had loads of wonderful Smythson accessories, classy cosmetics and other interesting stuff - it sounds weird but I would have loved to have had a rummage - not to have any of them but just to be nosy!:lol:

    I managed not to freak her out too much but my eyes were nearly dislocating themselves trying to see inside...

    I'm a freak, I admit it, but hopefully a harmless one as I'm not dishonest or anything.;)

    Is anyone else as weird about other people's bags as me?:sad: