Whats in a size?

  1. Well...at some point I was bound to put something on the eBay forum.
    So I sell one of my hardly used anymore Coach shoulderbag (Janice's Legacy). It gets purchased, the buyer receives it ....and....the only complaint is "you stated the wrong size on your listing". I did some research on the Coach site upon listing my item...(I dont trust my own measureing techniques) and used the measurements from the Janice Legacy listed 10 3/4(L) x10(H) x4 1/2 (W).
    This shoulder bag still sells for about $248.00

    The buyer measured the bag as 9x7x4.5...I just don't get it. :confused1: I offered her a refund if she was not pleased with the purchase...buyer pays for shipping. I got an email from the buyer who stated that the shipping wasn't worth it...the bag was, but she reminded me again that the size was not correct as I listed.:shame: The buyer purchased the bag for way below the $250.00 of a new one (Mine was in great shape, I'm one of those females who babies her handbags).

    Sorry, I know this sounds so minor compared to the other horror stories I've read I just needed to scratch my head and get it off my chest. :smile:
  2. If she contacts you again just send her the measurements from Coach site. She is probably just trying to get you to give her a partial refund, if I were you I wouldn't do it.

    Sorry she is being a PITA if you sell on eBay enough you are bound to run into one.
  3. Midg613, I'm feeling you here! I too sell off some of my authentic babied handbags on eBay too. I buy my handbags from Bergdorf or Saks in NYC, at Forzieri or eLuxury online and at Saks and Neiman in Texas, and I can authenticate many, many designer brands. So, from time to time I'll list a very gently used, but in pristine condition designer handbag on eBay. I recently had a customer call to ask me what the strap size was on one of my handbags! It's a beautiful Tylie Malibu (I know she's not a big name here, but I love her handbags). Now, are eBay customers just too picky or what? They're getting almost brand new designer handbags for $100 to $200 off retail. GEEZ! And, I wouldn't refund her one red cent! Too many of these buyers try to scam honest sellers!
  4. Those measurements are NOT that much different, IMO not enough to warrant a refund. I agree with 4theluvof-it; she's probably just trying to bully you into giving her a partial refund..I definitely wouldn't do it.
  5. Thanks...you all made me feel so much better. Trust me...I found my love of handbags when I bought an LV from a friend of mine whose GF was selling hers. It was used and the handles were worn and the leather drying, and did I complain...nooooo, for $150.00 no way! I took it to the LV store and they repaired it to almost new. When I carried it I got so many compliments.

    Ever since then (about 18 yrs ago) I've been buying so many...and as time goes by I clear out my closet for the extra room to get new ones. I decided to sell some on Ebay thinking it was a good idea. I have sold a some and have very few problems, but recently I have encounted more with picky complaints. Oh well....I guess some people can't be satisfied with a great deal.

    Thanks fellow tPF'ers I appreciate your support. :tpfrox:
  6. Also, when you write the size just throw "approximately" in front ot it.

    Glad you are feeling better about it!
  7. It's ridiculous how (sorry I don't know the proper english word for this) "detailed" someone people are with small things. Every one measures things differently, it's definitely give or take an inch or so, so this is definitely ridiculous.

    It's good that you're feeling better though :smile:.
  8. It also depends where on the bag you measure the width. I usually say "12" wide at the widest point" or something like that.