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  1. Thank you.

    I'm thinking of growing my hair out long enough to have a shoulder-length shag but I already know I'll never make it. I've enjoyed short hair too long, and I hate it when it starts tickling my ears.

  2. Sistah, your Appia Veneta is so gorgeous. Enjoy carrying her. That color will transcend seasons.
  3. I used to always wear an uber short pixie hair cut. About 3 years ago I started growing it out, but it was too hard to manage. I have a lot of hair and it was way too crazy curly in humid weather. 'Grew it down to my shoulders. When I was a child; it was down to my waist. I now have a really cool bob that is short enough and takes advantage of my natural curl. I put in curly styling "goop" from Aveda and let it air dry. Best cut ever for the past 12 months, and for the future.
  4. The color of that bag in the pictures from #4-#7 (with you smack dab in the middle! Love it!) is stunning--I haven't seen that deep richness in Appia in other pics. I knew this reveal would be worth waiting for! I know you will enjoy your gorgeous new bag. Congrats!
  5. Appia is such a gorgeous color and your pics capture it beautifully! Congrats on your Medium Veneta! It looks great on you!
  6. Thanks, ladies!
  7. Oh, I must have missed this post a few days ago. These photos are terrific! Thanks for sharing them with us. Enjoy your Appia! From the name, I somehow imagined some earthy-clay, but it does look more rosy. It looks really soft and versatile!
  8. Congrats, and thank you for sharing these lovely pics. This color will transition beautifully with each season.
    I love the idea of brighter colors on the medium size, so as to maximize that warm BV beauty- enjoy!
  9. Very pretty bag!
  10. love this color - great photos!
  11. Thanks, blueiris.

    This is truly a year-around color!

    Thanks! BV did it again!

    Thank you.
  12. The more I see this color the more I feel like I missed out. Way more versatile that I imagined. Congratulations and love the photos! I really hope to get something in questche though! I feel like that is the current season's chameleon.
  13. such a pretty neutral...Enjoy!!
  14. Thank you. And I think you're right about the questche - that's an interesting color, for sure.

    Thanks! I'm currently carrying her until ... well, for a long time! I was thinking through fall ...
  15. Sweet yet neutral color in lovely practical size, congrats !! :love:

    I just bought 2 BV in a week and your post makes me want to keep the look out for appia :cray:

    Somebody helppppppp !!!