What's In A Name?

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  1. What's your name, and what does it mean? (Go to babynames.com to look up your name.)

    My name is Caitlin, and it's Irish for 'pure' and 'lovely.'

    It's also Gaelic for Kathleen.
  2. My name is Sunneva, Sunna is an old icelandic word for the sun and eva means goddess, put together it's sungoddess :shame:
  3. My name is Kathleen. It says the origin is Greek. I thought it was Irish. It means "pure."
  4. Babynames.com says it is Celtic / Gaelic.

    It depends on which site you go to. One says the origin is English.
  5. My name is Tanja. It is Russian and short for Tatjana. Nobody seems to know the meaning though.
  6. Cassandra is Greek for "she who entangles men". I've heard other meanings, but never before this one.
  7. I found Tatyana and it's Latin for silver haired. Maybe it's a variation of that.

    I also found this:


    Silver-haired. A nickname for Tatyana. Also see Titania.

    Origin: Russian

    Alternatives: Tahnia, Tania, Tanja (German).
  8. Thanks Caitlin. I think I don't like that meaning ;). I hope it won't be silver haired too soon.

    By the way, I love your name.
  9. Leslie is English and a derivative of the name "Letitia" or a place in Scotland. LOL! I never would have thought. I've always kind of liked my name.

    Thanks for starting this thread. How fun!: yes:
  10. Thank you! I like it, too.

    I think by 'silver hair' they mean blonde. (Maybe because Norse blondes are so blonde it looks white?)

    Usually in poems when they describe a woman as silver haired. (Because 'A silver haired beauty' sounds more lyrical than 'the blonde chick.')
  11. That sounds so much nicer than the grey hair I thought about. Now I know at least that my mom picked the wrong name for my dark hair ;).
  12. My name is Medhavini, and it's Sanskrit for "intelligent"
  13. My name is Lauren meaning Laurel and the Origin is Old English.
  14. Jennifer, comes from Gwynhwyfar( Guinivere ) and means white wave... quite fitting since i'm a white has heck redhead.
  15. Kerri-Dark and Mysterious