What's in a name - Chanel 2.55 classic flaps and sizes

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  1. Ok, I have several classic flaps and ppl keep asking me about sizes.

    "is this a 225 or a 226"
    "is this the largest, the 288 or the one smaller?"

    I called a Chanel boutique and asked them about this size deal... they said there is no such thing. There is a small, medium and a large for the classic flap 2.55 bag. She than went on to explain to me that the 2.55 name comes from the anniversary date of something that I can't recall.

    What is your take on the sizes? Is that sales associated knowledgeable or have you heard otherwise?
  2. I figured this one out... the 227 is part of the style number and does relate to the size. 226,227,228 are some examples that I have seen. Not every Chanel Classic Flap comes in all sizes though.
  3. 2.55 is for Feb 1955 when it was first released.
  4. all this information is easily found in the Chanel Forum.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.