Whats in? A Bag!

  1. So last week I had asked you guys for suggestion in what bag I should get my GF. It was a tough decision between the Dentelle Speedy and Denim Pleaty. But I/we finally made the decision to not get either one. Well here's a sneak preview of what I got for her.


    I'll post more later :p
  2. :popcorn:
  3. Show Us!
  4. OMG............... I need to see!!
  5. aww man I hate it when ppl do this!
  6. OOh, I can't stand these waiting ones.:popcorn:
  7. Aughhh.. my patience ! Let's see it ! ;)
  8. Man, I hate waiting!:hrmm:
  9. Lol..

  10. Arrrghh (drumming fingers) the cruelty!! pics pics!
  11. I think 1/2 hour is a long enough wait!!!
  12. Argh, what is with these 'surprises'?? Just show us! :p
  13. What is it??? :shrugs:
  14. CRUEL.
    Show us the pics..PLEASE :nuts:
  15. argh. this is how I feel every second of every day when I am waiting for elux to send my LVs...........

    where's the pics!!