What's "Huyo Mayo"

  1. oh...and I looked it up...

    and it's I flee May in Spanish...?
  2. Lolol!!!
  3. at least they're honest about it - LMAO!!!!
  4. it's yucky whatever they wanna call it! :blah:
  5. OMG ... what in the world is this?:wtf:
  6. OMG! I hope no one goes for this!
  7. Just saw this.....oh Lordy....sometimes you just gotta laugh and hope no-one bids on these things.......
  8. Wow, what is that? Yep, taht is what it translates to in Spanish!
  9. Omg Lmao
  10. oh what a color, i guess they wanted to come with something unique!
  11. :throwup: :Push:
  12. they have to audacity to price it for $15K

    It should be named "I flee from this bag"
  13. That would be "Huyo bolsa".:P
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