What's hot!2006!

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  1. Anyone know what is going to be the new hot trend in fashion 2006 Spring/ Summer clothing, bags, shoes...etc Any thoughts?:amuse:
  2. I saw on style.com quite liking these 2!

  3. White bags are suppose to be hot hot this year. Don't know what else is.
  4. yeah!!! i am happy about the new hot white since I am sooooo tired of seeing everyone wearing black...
  5. also the nude which I think is very cute!!!
  6. white is soooo impractical and soooo gorgeous...
    but how about the return of the wedge heel? score one for practicality!
  7. OOOO! The wedge heels!!!LIKE 9in TALL!!
  8. I love wedges! Espically because I'm so short(5'4'')
  9. wedges are my fave! i have been wearing them for years and years! they are so comfy!

    i love the big, white bags! but yes, they'd get dirty so easily! i rarely take out my chanel for htis reason. =(
  10. \
    Its ok I am the same height LOL So everyone vote for the wedges???:idea:
  11. I agree with Scarlett, Everevereve, I love the Wedges. Girls, I am shorter than both of you. (5'2")
  12. Oh sweet. I just got some gorgeous wedge sandals AND a white bag! I am cool.

    I think a leather white bag will be easier to clean than a fabric one.
  13. Hummmm maybe I should start looking for some wedges:amuse:
    I love white and I hate to see it getting dirty the leather I think will be easier to clean if spray with leather protectant
  14. It's ok that is what the 9'' wedges are for! Hope I can walk in those.
  15. i love wedges! i need to get some! there are really cute coach espadrilles on ebay that i want so bad :amuse:

    has anyone else noticed that there are a bunch of bags with east west in the name??